hat gender you write it in, and what identity you write it in are very particular.

hat gender you write it in, and what identity you write it in are very particular.
First of all, for men, communicating as a female gender is definitely more effective than communicating as a male gender.
Secondly, it is better to be a student, especially a college student, than a company employee or a homeless person.
Thirdly, you have to cleverly reveal the contact person’s figure and appearance, for example, to enhance your persuasiveness, attach a life photo or the like.
College students, female college students, college belles, damn, not to mention the beginning of the Internet, which was as innocent as a virgin in 2001, but more than ten years later, it has become a mess and everything is routine. , “university belle” is also guaranteed to attract attention and clicks! !
Once the identity is finalized, the next step is the content.
This is Wang Bo’s strength as a novelist. He started to think and activate the motor of his imagination to portray himself as a student entrepreneur who came from a poor family and had a bad fate, but he was constantly striving to improve himself. In order to reduce the burden on his parents and change his miserable fate, he became self-reliant and prepared to start an Internet business. He has a very positive image, and in the end he begs the other party pitifully if he can transfer the domain name in his hand? She doesn’t have much money, but no matter how much money the other party wants, even if she sells blood, she will do her best to satisfy the other party and realize the entrepreneurial dream of a “little girl”!
In short, it’s all a post-Expo sympathy and deception trick. However, because it was cleverly compiled, true and false, and borrowed from a lot of her god-sister Zeng Ping’s experiences, Wang Bo became deeply involved in the play after reading it himself, and was so moved that he almost said, “The listener is sad, the listener is sad.” Those who cried”!
/With a weapon targeting men, if the domain name owner is a woman, then just turn yourself into a “university grassroots” and a little fresh meat.
After the contact email was prepared, he first checked the registration information of the above domain name through Wanwang and wrote down the name and contact email of the domain name owner. As for the gender, you can only guess based on the name left by the other person. However, when it comes to guessing gender by name, whether it’s Chinese or foreign, it’s basically about right.
/After some inquiries, Wang Bo unexpectedly discovered that the owners of the above seven top-level domain names were all men! But thinking about the main force of the Internet, Wang Bo felt relieved. It just so happened that a “college belle” could be killed, and he no longer had to make up a false identity as a “college belle.”
In addition, Wang Bo also discovered through names and contact emails that among the seven domain name owners, except for the three “Chinese-style” domain names weibo.com, weixin.com, and qidian.com, which are owned by Chinese people, the other fo