tered together in front of the first cafeteria.

tered together in front of the first cafeteria.
“Brother, come here to eat!”
“You two girls, come in quickly, we have room for you!”
“Three classmates, come to our place!”
As soon as they approached, there were countless enthusiastic women The boss stood at the door of the restaurant and shouted. Chen Xiang and Wu Xue looked at me and I looked at you. It was obvious that they rarely came to this kind of place to eat. In the end, the female owner of the nearest restaurant called “Wu Ji Home Cooking” was kind enough to pull them in.
The female boss handed the menu to Wu Xue and asked them to order. Wu Xue smiled and pushed the menu to Wang Bo opposite, asking him to order. She suddenly remembered that they didn’t know Wang Bo’s name yet, although after that day, she and Chen Xiang privately argued several times about whether the other party was “Borg” It’s still “Brother Bo”, but after all, it’s all their guess. So Wu Xue smiled and asked Wang Bo what his name was.
“Oh, my surname is Wang. You can call me Junior Brother Wang, or you can call me Victor. Today the intensive reading teacher asked us to give us English names. I chose the name myself.” Wang Bo also wanted to live in front of “Little Rabbit Ya” I have been addicted to pretending for two days, so I deliberately didn’t say anything and started studying the menu.
In fact, there is nothing to study. With his “dog-eating” nature, the three of them would have to order at least three meat dishes, two vegetarian dishes and one soup to get by. However, knowing their family conditions, he just ordered boiled meat slices.
“Junior Wang, please order two more dishes!” Chen Xiang shyly put the menu in front of Wang Bo and asked him to order more. Wu Xue also persuaded him, asking him to be polite.
The profit he brought to the two girls was only two to three hundred yuan, and they had to be divided between two people. How could he have the nerve to be so polite? Resolutely shirk it! The two of them had no choice but to stare at the menu and discuss it in low voices. If they found it satisfactory, they raised their heads and asked Wang Bo if he liked it. After Wang Bo nodded, they quickly added a portion of fish-flavored shredded pork and a portion of minced pork and eggplant. Wang Bo saw that the two of them seemed to be about to order more tomato and egg soup, so he quickly stopped and said that there were already so many dishes, it would be enough for three people, and if it was not enough, the two women gave up.
While waiting for the food to be served, the three of them continued chatting.
/Wang Bo was very curious as to why “Little Rabbit Ya” chose Russian, a small language that was behind the times. Spanish and Portuguese are of course considered minor languages, but these two small countries were very powerful hundreds of years ago and spread all over the world. Their descendants have colonized everywhere. They are also developed countries and are important parts of the European Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the collapse