place to play for ten and a half days. I will annoy you to death.” !”

place to play for ten and a half days. I will annoy you to death.” !”
“Zian, we will. Thank you for your warm hospitality these two days, and Xiaoya and Jiahui, I have delayed you a lot. You can come to Rongcheng to play when you are free. As long as me and you, Sister Huahua, are free , we will definitely have fun with you.” In front of Wang Bo’s girlfriend, Ma Liting turned back to a lady and said words of thanks; but in those bright and clear eyes, the strongest and hottest reluctance to leave was clearly hidden. point.
“If you arrive in Chengdu at 2:05, the train will leave immediately. If you haven’t boarded the bus yet, get on quickly! If you arrive in Chengdu at 2:05, the bus will leave immediately. If you haven’t boarded yet, hurry up!” At this moment! , a station staff wearing red sleeves and holding an electric horn shouted to everyone in the waiting room, reminding people who had not gotten on the bus to get on the bus quickly.
“Sister, take care and have a safe trip!” The sentimental Wang Bo finally couldn’t help the feeling of reluctance in his heart, and walked up to Li Junhua and hugged him, patting him on the back. First it was his cousin, then Ma Liting.
/Liang Ya and Zhong Jiahui on the side only thought that their boyfriend couldn’t bear to leave his sister, but they didn’t care. They just said goodbye and asked the two sisters to be careful on the road. Everything is safe and welcome to come again.
Coming in a hurry, going in a hurry, Li Junhua and Ma Liting finally ended their short double celebration trip and embarked on their return journey.
On October 4, Wang Bo hosted a banquet for three “travelling servants” at the “Taoranju” in Sanxia Square, Sha District. After a long journey, the founders of the “Chinese Fantasy Literature Society” arrived by train from the Imperial Capital, Yangcheng and Harbin respectively. “The Blade” Lin Feng, “The Sword Hidden Jiangbei” Shang Song and “The Lung of Darkness” Wu Xiaohui.
This kind of situation is already familiar to Wang Bo. He was not busy talking about business at the beginning. Instead, he and three Internet literature enthusiasts chatted about Internet literature that they were familiar with and loved. We are still in the barbaric period of online literature, and there are three mainstream categories: martial arts, fantasy, and urban. There are very few military and historical novels, and there is no trace of fairy novels or game novels. As for the rebirth novels and time travel novels, they are a new species that has not yet appeared and has never been seen before. Wang Bo casually mentioned some popular and classic types of later online novels, and the main ideas and exciting points of each type were well known. He casually threw them out to a few people and talked about them. In less than half an hour, three of them were mentioned. I never had the opportunity to meet him in my previous life, but the Internet giant who controls the life and death of countless Internet gods was so imaginative and amazed! The three of them never thoug