mptuous seafood dinner.

mptuous seafood dinner.
After lunch, Cui Jianmin wanted to arrange an after-dinner program, but Wang Bo declined. After introduction, Cui Jianmin already knew that several girls present were Wang Bo’s high school classmates, and the tallest among them was his girlfriend, so he didn’t insist. After hearing that they were going to visit some places of interest in the Magic City in the afternoon, Wang Bo offered to send them a car and a driver. Wang Bo did not refuse.
In the afternoon, Wang Bo led a group of pretty girls to visit Nanjing Road, took a river boat tour on the Huangpu River, and went around the Chenghuang Temple. The afternoon of July 13th was basically wasted. .
In the evening, Wang Bo held a banquet at the prince’s mansion for several immediate family members of Liang Ya’s mother. The people eating were still the same group of people from last night, him, a few girls around him, Liang Ya’s grandparents, two uncles and aunts, aunts and uncles, and their children.
However, although he was the one entertaining the guests, it was Cheng Wenxuan who helped prepare the meal. Several girls around him were also busy, some helped greet the guests, and others went to the kitchen to help out. Wang Bo himself became the hands-off shopkeeper. He wanted to go to the kitchen to help, but the girls all understood his hard work today and kicked him out directly, asking him to go to the living room to drink tea with the guests. Wang Bo felt bored and shrugged, and had no choice but to go back to the living room to play the Dragon Gate Formation with Liang Ya’s relatives.
/In fact, instead of bragging about Liang Ya’s uncles and aunts, he actually prefers to work in the kitchen as a chef, because Liang Ya’s relatives are somewhat reluctant to let go in front of him, a big star and billionaire. , submissive and submissive, as soon as he opens his mouth, even if he talks nonsense, the others will basically agree with a smile on his face, which is really boring.
After dinner, Liang Ya’s relatives sat for a while and then left quickly. The rest were still the same people as last night.
Liang Ya proposed playing cards, and this proposal was approved by many people. Wang Bo wanted to take this opportunity to check out his real estate in Shanghai, so he asked the girls to play at home while he and Cheng Wenxuan went out to do some business.
“Mr. Wang, do you need me to accompany you?” Zheng Yan walked up and asked.
“No, Yanzi, you can stay at home and play cards with them. Xiaoya, Jiahui is very bad at playing cards. Let’s just make an appointment. No matter we win or lose, we will make five in the end. How about that?” Wang Bo waved his hand and suggested making an appointment with Zheng Yan.
“I can’t play cards either.” Zheng Yan said softly.
“Haha, you have a discussion with Xiaoya, Jiahui and the others, and you will know what is really going wrong.” Wang Bo laughed. Seeing that Cheng Wenxuan had already driven out, he waved to the girls and wished them at home. Have fun playing cards.
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