and the Castilla family of the Kingdom of Feneport, but Klein feels that this is the smallest one possible, because the “Arbiter” corresponds to Sequence 8 is the “sheriff” and Sequence 7 is the “inquisitor”. They seem to be developing towards trial and judgment rather than war.

The third is the “Hunter” path controlled by the Einhorn family, the rulers of the Fusac Empire, the Sauron family, the former royal family of the Republic of Intis, and the “Iron-Blooded Cross”, a secret organization that only appeared in the last two to three hundred years. Lane thinks its chances are quite high.
/The description of “Hunter” in Nighthawk’s internal data is that he is an excellent tracker, an outstanding trap expert, and an outstanding hunter. The name corresponding to Sequence 8 is “Provocateur”, and Sequence 7 is “Arsonist”. These are all There is a certain connection with killing and war.
The fourth is the “criminal” path mastered by the “Blood Worship Cult”, an ancient organization that follows demons. From the sequence name alone, Klein feels that it has great potential.
The fifth is the “prisoner” path in the hands of the “Rose School”, which is famous for its bloody sacrifices. The reason is the same as the previous one.
/Just as Klein’s thoughts were wandering, the scene changed again. Mrs. Sharon had just finished taking a bath, her hair was hanging down wetly, and her face had a fresh and alluring charm.
“I couldn’t clearly see the appearance of the white-robed woman who led Mrs. Sharon to become a witch. It’s probably because my psychic ability is not strong enough.” Klein retracted his thoughts and returned his attention to his eyes.
Mrs. Sharon lifted her hair, and water seemed to fall from her face.
She looked at the man waiting on the bed and snickered:
“Do you need me to help you deal with Maynard?”
The middle-aged man on the bed frowned and shook his head: “Unless you can promise not to leave any traces, but this is impossible, and what can you do?”
Seeing this gentleman, Klein was stunned for a moment, and then felt that it was expected.
Mrs. Sharon smiled and did not delve further into the topic. Her nightgown was half-tied, and she vaguely walked towards the bed.
The scene changed one after another, and Klein saw many more congressmen, businessmen, and government employees who would appear in the city’s newspapers from time to time.
They either discussed how to collect donations, exchanged ideas on how to circumvent campaign bills to bribe voters, or promised protection and solve problems, with Mrs. Sharon playing the role of a “broker” among them.
This is actually a documentary, right? Mrs. Sharon takes you to know the upper class circles of Tingen City. Well, why are there so many scenes involving beds? Many nobles and congressmen clearly know that Mrs. Sharon has many lovers, so why do they still look like they can’t stand the temptation? This is Mrs. Sharon’s sequence ability. Klein read it thoughtfully, speculating and complaining silently to himself.
After the channeling just now, he