ame, and the rest does not even show its level.

As David focused his attention on the ‘blood fusion’ knowledge light ball, he learned some detailed information about the ‘blood fusion’ knowledge light ball.
‘Blood Melting Technique’ is only a secret technique. This secret technique can greatly enhance one’s ability to control blood. Of course, this is only an incidental ability of this secret technique.
The core effect of ‘Blood Fusion Technique’ is to increase the chance of promotion each time by burning blood essence. Although this method greatly increases the success rate of promotion, it is equivalent to the user exchanging lifespan for promotion.
/It is difficult to say clearly whether this secret technique is good or bad. I believe that most soldiers want to possess this secret technique, and they are willing to sacrifice everything, including their life span, to advance.
This secret technique is extremely helpful even in promotion to the extraordinary, but it only burns a lot of blood essence.
Gabriel’s extraordinary age is less than 200 years old, but his life span is nearly 300 years old. The reason for this is the ‘Blood Melting Technique’.
Gabriel had extraordinary access to this secret technique when he was young. At that time, he practiced the ‘blood fusion technique’ crazily and successfully mastered this secret technique.
You must know that it is very difficult to successfully practice this secret technique. It requires the user to have a natural affinity for blood. Such people are very rare.
After that, Gabriel Chaofan was like a heaven-defying genius, successfully passing through promotions again and again, and even successfully promoted to Chaofan when he was fifty years old.
But the price of all this also appeared after Gabriel Chaofan turned 100 years old. Gabriel Chaofan, a hundred years old, found that his body was showing symptoms of aging.
Compared to other extraordinary beings, Gabriel’s extraordinary aging symptoms appeared a hundred years earlier.
In other words, Gabriel Chaofan lost a full hundred years of life because of the use of ‘blood fusion’.
David hesitated after seeing the detailed description of the ‘Blood Melting Technique’.
He does not have as urgent a requirement to be promoted as other soldiers. He has already become a high-level soldier when he is less than twenty years old, and he is not too far away from being a peak soldier.
This kind of achievement is among the soldiers who have the fastest cultivation speed.
Moreover, David’s cultivation speed is still increasing rapidly, and there is no feeling of stagnation.
Although the effect of the ‘Advanced Armored Body Technique’ was not as good as before after David truly became a high-level armored person, the third-level reinforced meat allowed David to increase his strength by nearly several kilograms through daily practice. .
Maybe David will consider the secret technique of ‘blood fusion’ when he is affected by the bottleneck in the future. At present, it is impossible for David to exchange his lifespan for