lose the door. It was an impromptu party and there was no preparation at all… Xio opened her mouth, but couldn’t say anything.

The two of them looked at each other wordlessly for a while, and no one broke the silence for a long time.
Finally, Forsi decided to forget the accusation just now and turned the focus back to the task itself:
“Missions involving sequence 1 and uniqueness are really too dangerous.”
After saying this, her eyes turned red uncontrollably when she thought that Xio had accepted the gift from Mr. Fool, and she couldn’t help mumbling:
“Remember to ask me for help. At least, I can at least take you to escape.”
For them, they have experienced very few things involving the Sequence 1 level before, except for Mr. Fool and Gehrman Sparrow the World, and they may have been watched by a certain being who cannot be named directly. .
The rest of the time, at best, they did some very minor work on the fringes of the corresponding events, and never faced an enemy who could be called “Him”.
Therefore, when she thought that her friend’s mission actually involved Sequence 1 extraordinary characteristics, even uniqueness and a true god, Forsi could not help but feel nervous and worried.
Xiu smiled and said:
“I’m just looking for clues and investigating the truth, but I don’t need to face them directly.”
/She paused for a second and then said:
“The end is near, and something has to be done.
“Look, even Mr. Fool is going to fall into deep sleep, let alone little people like us? If we can’t become demigods as soon as possible, we may not even be able to do anything. Now, at least there is still some hope, at least there is still hope. You can try to wake up Mr. Fool.”
Forsi has also experienced a lot of things and has long understood this truth. It was just a pure emotional vent just now, but now he has calmed down.
She thought for a while and said:
“What do you do next?”
“It will definitely be difficult to investigate on my own. I will have to rely on the intelligence network of MI9. I plan to find a suitable opportunity to let them know that I have become a Sequence 4 demigod. In order not to be suspected, this may be necessary” Miss Justice will give you some hints and make some arrangements.” Xio replied seriously.
Forsi’s thoughts telegraphed:
“I’ll write a script for you. Well, I’ll play the villain, simulating a madman trying to advance to Sequence 4 ‘Law Mage’, and then be defeated by you…”
As she talked, a story took shape. She immediately sat down at Xio’s table, took out a pen and paper, and started writing.
“After the story is compiled, let Miss Justice make some modifications to make it appear reasonable enough.” Forsi said while writing.
As a “secret mage”, there is no doubt that she can keep the conversation between the two from leaking.
Xiu thought for a while and said:
/“Isn’t your most important task now writing biographies and stories?”
“Ha, that’s simple. I have already thought about too many plots and materials in my mind. No, there is not…” After Fors muttered a few