t many sealed objects behind the Chanis Gate in Tingen City, Klein quickly remembered what the captain wanted to apply for:

“Number: 0217.”
“Name: Psychic’s Mirror.”
“Danger level: 3. There is a certain degree of danger. Please use it with caution. It can only be applied for actions involving three people or more.”
/“Confidentiality level: Official member of Nighthawks and above.”
“Sealing method: placed in lightless darkness.”
“Description: This mirror is plated with mercury on the back and has three small cracks on the front.”
“When the investigator who initially came into contact looked at the mirror, he saw a long-haired, crying woman in it, and then he found the woman crawling out of the mirror.”
“According to many experiments, the image reflected in the mirror is different most of the time. Even if the same person looks at it repeatedly, he will encounter different things. The danger levels are different, but priority is given to the person looking in the mirror.”
“The most dangerous situation is to see yourself.”
“If no one looks at this mirror, as long as there is light, an image will automatically appear every three hours.”
“It doesn’t have the characteristics of being alive.”
“Appendix: This mirror originally belonged to a psychic. It was a very ordinary mirror. Until one day, the psychic committed suicide by looking at it.”
Indeed, behind the Chanis Gate in Tingen City, there are not many sealed objects that can be used in battles between extraordinary people. “30217” is a good choice. Klein didn’t say any more, and immediately ran to the Nighthawks Entertainment Room and shouted “The Sleepless Man” Cohen Leigh was born.
Tonight, Luo Yao takes turns to be at Chanis Gate, Leonard rests, and Xiga Teon visits Raphael Cemetery and other places. The new members will not arrive until Sunday, so Dunn can only go from Frye and Cohen Li. Considering that Mrs. Sharon belonged to the witch sect and had little to do with the undead, he chose the latter.
A few minutes later, Dunn returned from the underground, holding a mirror tightly wrapped in thick black cloth.
Frankly speaking, without knowing it in advance, I couldn’t tell it was a mirror at all. There was no part of it exposed. Klein and the short Cornley stepped forward to meet it.
“You are responsible for using Sealed Artifact 30217.” Dunn handed the mirror to Cornley.
Seeing this scene, Klein suddenly realized that he was a Sequence 8 Beyonder and had the ability to fight head-on. He could no longer hide aside and serve as a mere support.
Hey, I’m a little nervous. He touched the “Sleep Charm” and other items in his pocket to make sure that he was fully prepared.
“The only problem is that in order to make it easier to climb, I didn’t bring a walking stick. Well, you can borrow Cornley’s. He has a mirror and a pistol in one hand, which is enough.” Klein’s thoughts were swirling, and the three of them came downstairs and took a taxi. Rush to Olsner Street.
On the way, Cohen Li glanced at the sealed object “30217” in his palm, and sighed sligh