nary characteristics will not be destroyed or reduced, they will just be transferred from one bearer to another.”

Klein’s eyes widened suddenly, and he suddenly realized, and asked thoughtfully:
“For example, an out-of-control Extraordinary will leave behind sealed objects, magical items, or the main ingredients of potions.”
/“Yes.” Dunn nodded solemnly, “It’s not just extraordinary people who are out of control, it’s also the same after the death of normal extraordinary people.”
“Same.” Klein chewed on Dunn’s description and vaguely understood what the captain was doing at that time.
As his thoughts were turning, he suddenly remembered one thing, that is, after the death of the Tuxedo Clown, a thumb-sized blood ball with a slight blue color appeared next to the body. Frye’s explanation at the time was that Extraordinary people There are always some strange changes after death.
Dunn continued with deep gray eyes:
“But unlike out-of-control Extraordinaries, what Extraordinaries who die normally leave behind are no longer materials and items. It is, it is roughly equivalent to a potion, a potion corresponding to the sequence, but it lacks certain auxiliary materials.”
Slightly equal to a magic potion, slightly equal to a potion. Klein’s eyes narrowed, as if a bolt of lightning struck in his mind, and the endless darkness was illuminated.
He suddenly understood a lot of things, and understood why the extraordinary path would not be cut off when the material was cut off.
/In addition to using substitutes, you can also simply rely on the remains of the corresponding extraordinary person.
This should be one of the reasons why only finished potions are given to high-sequence ones. Another reason is to prevent the formula from being leaked through extraordinary means such as divination and channeling. One guess after another emerged in Klein’s mind.
Dunn looked at the door of the night watcher’s entertainment room and explained in a low voice:
“Several years ago, I don’t remember exactly how many years ago, I was not the captain of the Nighthawks team at that time. I accidentally discovered this problem. After communicating with Dai Li, who had just become an extraordinary person, I immediately understood it. I reported it to the church, and the church asked me to keep it secret and gave me two choices. Haha, this is why I explain it instead of Dai Li. Whoever exposes it will be responsible.”
“This will enhance my extraordinary characteristics and make my strength stronger. In terms of dream-related abilities, I will not be much worse than the corresponding sequence 6. This is why I dare to deal with Mrs. Sharon.”
“Well, there is such a thing,” Klein exhaled slowly.
He finally understood why he couldn’t think of a reasonable explanation before. This was simply because of a lack of prerequisite knowledge, which couldn’t be made up for by relying on his imagination.
Well, this is in line with the so-called “Law of Immortality of Characteristics”. If you continue to gather characteristics like this, will it chang