grew older, but facts proved that dreams could only be dreams.

However, this time, the dream may come true, because there is a magical “fully automatic wishing machine” in front of her that can create miracles.
If I can become beautiful, I can find a good husband, and the family situation can also be improved… Jasmine seemed to hear the devil whispering in her ears, closed her eyes uncontrollably, and made a wish:
“I want to be very, very, very beautiful.”
She used three extras to embellish her beauty.
As soon as she finished speaking, the “door” of the “fully automatic wishing machine” opened again, and a silver-white mask was pushed out and covered Jasmin’s face.
Jasmine suddenly opened her eyes, just in time to see the mask disappear.
At the same time, she seemed to be connected to something.
She turned around expectantly and came to the shop on the street again. She used the light of the gas street lamp and the glass on the window to see what she looked like now.
Jasmine couldn’t describe the changes in her facial features and facial contours at the moment. She only knew that at this moment, even she was intoxicated by such beauty.
Her nose became straighter, her lips were much plumper, her eyes were enlarged and very moist, and her skin was as tender as milk pudding. She was only slightly similar to her original self.
“Is this, is this a miracle…” Jasmine sincerely and uncontrollably let out a sigh of admiration.
She admired herself obsessively, and finally withdrew her gaze and bowed to the “fully automatic wishing machine”.
She immediately walked towards the public carriage platform with swaying steps. On the way, one after another looked at her.
A man looked at her so intently that he bumped into a gas lamppost.
Jasmine pursed her lips and smiled, without saying anything, and boarded the trackless public carriage.
There were still many people on the bus, and all seats were occupied.
Just as Jasmine was trying to find a position, several men raised their buttocks, straightened their bodies, looked at her and smiled:
“Miss, you can sit here.”
Jasmine was a little stunned for a moment. She didn’t expect that she could receive so much kindness.
She didn’t refuse, sat down nearby, and smiled at the man who gave up her seat:
“Thank you.”
The man’s expression became extremely vivid and he said humbly:
/“That’s what a gentleman should do.”
Jasmine still retained the habit she had developed by staying at home. Without saying anything, she quietly sat near her home and got off the carriage.
After walking a few steps, she suddenly felt someone was looking at her and quickly turned her head to look over.
It was a drunken man, and he was looking at Jasmine with an indescribable disgust.
Jasmine was startled and hurriedly walked to the apartment, but the men she met on the way all showed similar looks in their eyes, as if they would turn into beasts at any time.
At this moment, Jasmine felt like she was walking in the wilderness.
If Jasmine had enjoyed all the looks from the men befo