e sound of footsteps on the wet muddy ground, there was the sound of insects and small animals moving.

e sound of footsteps on the wet muddy ground, there was the sound of insects and small animals moving.
Occasionally, there was a “click” sound of a branch being trampled, and Tuta would inevitably stop and carefully observe the movements around him. He would not move forward until he was sure it was safe.
“We can’t even go five kilometers at this speed, and we may not reach our destination in a lifetime.” Walter, who had been walking for an unknown amount of time, felt his legs were so sore that they were about to break, and suddenly said irritably.
This is his first complaint since joining Amazon. It seems that the endurance of this most motivated young man at Futanli High School in New York has reached its limit.
“We are not walking in the city,” Tuta, who was walking in the middle of the team, said in a sharp tone: “If you walk too fast, you will walk directly into the belly of the giant python.”
As he was talking, Tuta suddenly kept pace with Tuta. The herbalist Puguta made an excited sound of “Oh…” from his mouth, nimbly ran to a thick rotten tree, and carefully dug out several small trees with dazzling blue mottled leaves with a steel shovel.
/Seeing Puguta pulling off the leaves of the harvested saplings, smearing them with Qianzao animal dung and lighting them on fire, Tuta bared his teeth and looked at Walter and said, “Hey, I didn’t expect you to be so lucky. You just complained. If we go slowly, we can move forward quickly.
Remember not to complain for a while that you walked too fast and suffered a lot. ”
While he was talking, Dutta, who had been walking at the front of the team, and whose figure appeared and disappeared, ran to Puguta’s side, took the smoldering small tree with a faint smoke, and ran around the team with light steps. , letting everyone get a little smelly smoke on their bodies, then swinging their arms, they ran to the front of the team again, speeding up their pace and running forward.
“With the smoking Tu La tree smeared with tiger dung, Generally, poisonous insects and wild beasts will stay away from us, walk quickly, and step on our footprints. ” Tuta looked at Dutta’s disappearing back, said something, and ran forward quickly along Dutta’s footprints.
The young people were stunned for a moment, and had to speed up their pace and staggered into the jungle.
/A trace of Tuta The Tubula tree can be burned for about forty minutes. One bulb is burned out, and then the other one is lit after resting for ten minutes. The cycle is controlled in about an hour. The four Tubula trees dug out by Puguta are burned out, just in time. It was time to replenish food at noon.
When they could finally stop and sit under a tree to breathe against the tree, the young people had been squeezed out of their last bit of energy. In fact, if they were not in a dangerous zone like the Amazon jungle, It’s impossible for them to run wildly in the forest for such a long time.
The water will be prepared by Duta. After eating, I will ask Puguta to prepare some herbs for you…”
As he was t