autiful back garden and the bustling city in the distance.

autiful back garden and the bustling city in the distance.
The scenery is really good.
Just when Zheng Yandong was thinking about something and expressing some feelings and thoughts about what she heard and saw tonight, she seemed to hear someone opening the door in the corridor outside.
“Who is it?” The messy thoughts suddenly escaped from his mind, and all his attention was focused on the strange noise outside the bedroom door.
/If she were at her own home, Zheng Yan would probably get up and open the door to take a look at the situation, but now that she was a guest at someone else’s home, she was inconvenienced and couldn’t be too active and busy.
Zheng Yan began to recall the room that several girls entered when everyone went back to sleep not long ago. She lived at the end of the corridor, next to Liang Ya and her cousin Qing Jing, and opposite to Liang Ya were Zhong Jiahui and Zhang Xinyue.
“Is someone coming in or someone going out? Who could it be?” Zheng Yan couldn’t help but think, and then, two familiar faces jumped out of her mind naturally:
Liang Ya and Wang Bo!
Once this speculation emerged, Zheng Yan felt that it became more certain and more real. The irritability that arose in her heart not long ago popped up out of nowhere again, making her inexplicably miss the days when she and the other party were alone on business trips. At least, even if she heard the door opening and closing in the corridor, she would never think about it like she is now.
“Zheng Yan, Zheng Yan, you are thinking wildly again. Even if Liang Ya goes out to find Wang Bo, or Wang Bo comes to find Liang Ya, isn’t it natural and a matter of course? A loving couple is living on their own. Do you have any objections to a loving married life?”
“I don’t have any objections, I just think that before we get married, shouldn’t we all have self-respect and self-love?
“Self-respect and self-love?” Do you think it’s you and Ren Weisuo? Remember, this is someone else’s freedom. You have no right or position to interfere or accuse! ”
The two voices echoed back and forth in Zheng Yan’s mind, entangled like a tangle, making her already uneasy mood even more uneasy.
Tonight, she was destined to have insomnia . “I hate it
/, you stinky guy, you really hate it!” “As soon as the three of them returned to Wang Bo’s bedroom, the door was closed, and Zhong Jiahui’s suppressed anger for a long time suddenly burst out. Two small fists were like hot wheels, hitting Wang Bo’s chest.
“What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Jiahui, what’s going on? Liang Ya was confused and pulled Zhong Jiahui to ask.
“Ask him!” See what good things he did? ! “Zhong Jiahui blushed and said angrily. Thinking about how the anxious guy in front of her “took the bow hard” not long ago and was listened to by Zhang Xinyue for a long time, she still doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow. Facing the other party, Zhong Jiahui couldn’t hold back her anger. She couldn’t resist the attack upstairs just now, but now that she was in Wang Bo’s big bedroom,