g Fanyu turned and went to the kitchen to scoop out rice for her husband and son.

g Fanyu turned and went to the kitchen to scoop out rice for her husband and son.
While eating, Zeng Fanyu told Wang Bo that Zhang Jing came to the house after nine o’clock in the morning and brought a duck over.
/“Has Zhang Jing been here? She also gave us a duck? That’s good. I happened to go to my grandma’s house later for a tooth ceremony, so we can buy less food. By the way, she left after giving us the duck? You didn’t call her here? Are you having fun in the house?” Wang Bo said casually.
/“Why didn’t I shout? You’re not in the house. What’s the point of talking to an old woman like me? Oh, Zhang Jing’s parents asked her to send ducks over. I think they want you to help Zhang Jing with her homework in the future. . Bo’er, you must teach Zhang Jing well in the future and not be careless.” Zeng Fanyu educated his son.
“I know Mom, you don’t need to tell me this. Even if someone doesn’t give ducks to our family, and Zhang Jing comes over and asks me, I will still teach her carefully. We don’t do it for the sake of other people’s ducks. Giving ducks is friendship, no It is also my duty to give away. I understand this.” Wang Bo chatted with his mother while eating. The atmosphere today is different from usual. Normally, at least eight out of ten sentences would be spoken by Wang Jichang. Today, he was frustrated by his sister, so he was quiet.
“As long as you understand!”
After dinner, Wang Bo took out the last few dozen dollars he had left in the box, picked up the duck given by Zhang Jing, and drove his mother towards Hualong Bridge. There is a market there. Wang Bo plans to buy another big grass carp, cut two pounds of pork, weigh one pound of braised chicken feet, buy some side dishes, and set up a table to entertain future creditors.
Stepfather Wang Jichang originally didn’t want to go to his wife’s natal family. He felt that he would be “discriminated” when he went there. Now he went to borrow money. Wasn’t he looking at the faces of the whole family? But he couldn’t rely on Wang Bo’s repeated persuasion, and he also learned that his stepson was going to use his private money to host a reception and there would be delicious food. He was greedy and followed him “reluctantly”.
However, he also said hello to his mother-in-law beforehand. This time he would only eat and drink, not talk, and he would not talk about borrowing money.
Wang Bo didn’t expect his stepfather to speak, as it would be bad for him to speak. The reason why he called his stepfather was just to round up the number of people and strengthen the formation. Just him and his mother, he still felt a little weak.
At three o’clock in the afternoon, the family rode two bicycles. Wang Bo carried his mother, and Wang Jichang arrived with several bags of ingredients, including rice noodles boiled last night, beef soy sauce and rice noodle soup base. Home. The distance is not far, only about ten miles, which is about the same distance as Wang Bo rides to school in the city.
Grandma gave birth to seven children in total, four boys and thre