ay; but once something happened, Wang Jichang would be selfish and selfish. The nature of profit will kick in immediately without even thinking about it.

In his previous life, after his mother passed away, Wang Jichang found a new love within a month and lived with the widow of a deceased man not far from home. He didn’t even consider the feelings of his stepson, who had shared the joys and sorrows with him for 20 years. When Wang Bo got married, his mother bought him a complete set of bedding. After his mother left, all these things were placed with his uncle. However, Wang Jichang found an excuse and took them directly to the bride’s home, where the couple could enjoy themselves. stand up.
Normally, Wang Jichang would just cover a quilt, and Wang Bo wouldn’t care. However, not long after his mother was thrown to death by him, he was still immersed in endless grief and couldn’t extricate himself. Wang Jichang ignored the two people who were in the same boat through thick and thin. He ignored the woman who had been beaten to death by him for ten years and had no time to say her last words to her son. She found a new love and used the few things his mother left him for other purposes. In this situation, Wang Bo How can you not be angry? Not desperate?
Soon, the house bought by Wang Bo began to be taken over. Wang Bo, who took over the house, was also preparing to decorate it so that he could move out of the house that was written in his wife’s name one day earlier. However, his wife often reminded him that this house was bought by her mother and did not belong to her. Her so-called “home” made Wang Bo feel no warmth from home at all. So, Wang Bo called his stepfather and asked him to come to Shuangqing to help him guard the decoration site, because he had to go to work during the day and could only take one day off a week, so he had little time to do the decoration.
But how did Wang Jichang answer? He directly said that he was at work now and was very busy and couldn’t leave, leaving Wang Bo to figure out his own solution. Oh my god, Wang Bo and Wang Jichang have lived together for twenty years, but he has never been really busy!
At this time, Wang Bo was filled with despair and despair for this man who had made him lose the most important person and yet he felt no guilt at all.
Precisely because of the unbearable experiences in his previous life, Wang Bo knew Wang Jichang’s nature and personality very well, so how could he dare to ask him to sign?
Not only will he not let Wang Jichang sign this time, he will not let Wang Jichang touch any signatures involving property rights and ownership rights in the future when buying a house or a car! He wants to tighten Wang Jichang’s financial throat and never give him any chance to have second thoughts. A very important reason why Wang Bo doesn’t care whether Wang Jichang can borrow money from his sister is that since
/the money comes from his mother’s natal family, I’m sorry, but both emotionally and logically, my mother should sign this. !
Zeng Fanyu was simpl