period of time will not be much, or even nonexistent.

period of time will not be much, or even nonexistent.
/Once your ability is up, it is entirely possible to get back to your best form in a short period of time.
Otherwise, Kobe is not stupid and tortures himself every time he loses after a game.
Because after the torture, sometimes it does work!
Sun Hao was heavily defended, but as soon as Durant started, the Warriors’ offense started again.
Think about the new nicknames Miller gave Sun Hao and Durant.
Splash Brothers! !
The so-called brothers mean that there are two people. If both of them are on the line, whichever one you guard will put tremendous pressure on the other one.
In particular, Durant’s current technical characteristics are very suitable for off-ball offense.
He fully demonstrated his scoring talent in these two quarters and scored 31 points at the end of three quarters.
31 points is also his playoff scoring record.
The Warriors also maintained a double-digit lead.
However, they failed to open the score very wide. After all, Durant’s current scoring method is still a bit single, and his scoring explosive power is still lacking.
The most intuitive set of data is that as one of the best scorers in NBA history, Durant’s career highest score in a single game is only 54 points, and his highest score in the playoffs is only 45 points.
This score does not seem low, but it is inconsistent with the impression he gives people of a super scorer.
The most fundamental reason is physical fitness.
It’s more than comparable, but it’s much worse than Jordan, James and Iverson, including Sun Hao.
That thing may not seem important, but in a tense game, it may be the decisive factor.
Fortunately, the Warriors still have Sun Hao.
You have to know that defense also consumes physical energy. The Spurs used a lot of energy to defend against Sun Hao in the first three quarters.
This game has turned into a relay race.
The Spurs performed well in the first few games and were in hot pursuit.
But when the last shot came, they suddenly discovered that the person running the last shot on the Warriors side was Usain Bolt!
That kind of scene makes people very desperate.
In the end, the Warriors won another victory 108-94 at home!
Durant scored 35 points, a career playoff high, and Sun Hao also had a double-double with 23 points and 12 assists.
After winning this game, the Warriors led 3-1.
Now they are only one step away from advancing to the second round!
/At the end of the game, although Durant was out of breath, he smiled warmly.
The feeling of persevering until the end and gaining something made him feel very satisfied!
Especially, when he thought about the night when he could finally exchange insults with those scumbags without any guilt, he instantly felt like he could wake up from his dreams laughing!
The most exciting thing in life is this!
There is a fierce battle in the west, and the same is true in the east.
And similar to the Warriors and Spurs, the Wizards and Pistons series also ended with a big score of 3-1