down to the word money!

down to the word money!
“It seems that the core idea of ??’centering on economic development, making money, and making big money’ can never change or be shaken! ”
The family of three sent Wang Bo to the door of the yard and watched Wang Bo ride on the road. It wasn’t until Wang Bo rode far away and disappeared into the dark night that Zhang Xiaojun’s family turned around and closed the door. As soon as
the door was closed, the three people who had been smiling just now, their faces The smile on her face disappeared immediately.
The first person to change her face was Jiang Mei. Jiang Mei said nothing, turned around with a calm face, and went upstairs without any expression, and did not return to the master bedroom where she and Zhang Xiaojun slept. He entered the side bed where his son Zhang Ke lived next to him.
Zhang Xiaojun looked at the back of his wife Jiang Mei and opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end he didn’t. He took a step forward and planned to follow Jiang Mei upstairs, but was stopped by Xie Decui. He grabbed it, stared at Jiang Mei’s back with a look of resentment, and then opened his mouth and said,
“Xiaojun, if you don’t help me move the furniture at the end of the house to the corridor, how can I sleep tonight?”
“Okay, Mom, I’ll help you move it right away. ” ”
The time went back to two hours ago, when Wang Bo stood outside the iron gate and shouted, “I, Wang Bo! “At that time, Zhang Xiaojun and Xie Decui had just moved a dozen tables and benches used in the rice noodle shop they bought from the furniture market to the corridor, and covered the outermost layer with a tarpaulin to prevent rainwater from drifting in case of rain. Entering the corridor, we wet the newly bought shop furniture. Wang Bo’s roar made the two mothers pale in shock, and they were stunned.
/Xie Decui reacted quickly, and quickly opened his bedroom door, asking Zhang Xiaojun to quickly These tables and benches were moved into his bedroom and hidden, so that Wang Bo could not see them. So, while Wang Bo was standing outside the courtyard door with malted milk in his hand, waiting for Xie Decui to open the door, Zhang Xiaojun and Xie Decui were like two busy ants. He quickly moved the pile of neatly arranged tables and benches in the corridor into Xie Decui’s bedroom downstairs. Zhang Xiaojun’s building has four rooms on the first floor and one on the ground floor. The upper two rooms belong to him, Jiang Mei and his son Zhang Ke. Bedroom. One of the two rooms below has been used as a main room, and one is Xie Decui’s bedroom. There are two small side rooms with green tiles next to it, which are used as kitchens, granaries, and to store some sundries.
The kitchen cannot be used, and the granaries are filled with various The main room was filled with various building materials purchased in recent days. There was no other way, so the two mothers had no choice but to shove these tables and benches towards Xie Decui’s bedroom to make them busy. With the concerted efforts, the two of them also u