fting on Taihu Lake. Come on, everyone. “Sit down.” He

fting on Taihu Lake. Come on, everyone. “Sit down.” He
glanced at it and said: “Such a big table, it’s too wasteful for just the few of us. Liu Guang, go and call Secretary Fu, Boss An, Manager Fan and Manager Ye to come together. Let’s chat while eating and listen.” What do you think about the cooperative?”
Liu Guang went out in response, and Wei Qiwen joked: “You have broken your own rules. You don’t talk about work during meals.” “There is
no way, time is tight, tasks are heavy, and if the rules are broken, it will be broken. Okay, but if you break my rules in Qiwen, you have to give me three ounces of Biluochun as compensation.”
This was naturally a joke, and it wasn’t necessarily that funny, but everyone in the room laughed, Zhu Jiusi Lelehehe, not dissatisfied, this would be unimaginable for Chen Longqi.
Liu Guang joked: “I didn’t expect Manager Ye to have such ability. Mr. An, if you can’t retain Manager Ye, our city’s Tourism Bureau still lacks such talents.”
This statement made everyone laugh again, and that’s it. Zhu Jiusi was treated as carefully as stars holding the moon, and the atmosphere was extremely harmonious. It was a comfortable and enjoyable meal.
/Premier Chen is so powerful that it is said that even several vice-premiers of the State Council would have trembling hands and feet when reporting to him, let alone the cadres at the lower levels, departments, bureaus and localities. If they stand in front of him, they can finish speaking fluently. In other words, his psychological quality is extremely good.
Liu Guang, Fu Minzhi, and An Baoqing filed in. As soon as there were more people, the room became more popular and the room immediately became lively. Various dishes were served, but the waitress who was in charge of explaining got scared and stammered after saying a few words. Fu Minzhi sent her away with a pale face. How could Zhu Jiusi be angry with a waiter and instead ordered Fu Minzhi Don’t embarrass her. Ye Zhiwei is best at dealing with people at the wine table. Seeing Zhu Jiusi’s kind words and undiminished smile, he bravely explained a few words, such as “the autumn wind blows, crab legs are itchy”, “the taste of crab is served with a light taste”, and “white” Shrimp is the best in the world, and its color remains clean when cooked.” In just a few words, he was humorous and explained clearly, which whetted everyone’s appetite.
After listening to Wang Qiming’s words, Zhu Jiusi said to all the officials, experts, and reporters who followed him: “Listen, everything is false. Only the voices of the people are true. In the future, those who are disconnected from the masses and do not conduct investigations and research will be allowed to , People who only know how to make decisions with their foreheads come to the grassroots, listen, take a look, and seriously think about whether the reform is beneficial or harmful to the country and the people!”
At the end, before leaving, Wang Qiming looked around. , asked tremblingly: “Mr. Wen is not here, why didn’t Mr. Wen come to see my