ao also felt that this reason could not stop Bass, so he finally told the truth.

ao also felt that this reason could not stop Bass, so he finally told the truth.
“I lost my child before he was born.”
Bass was startled after hearing this.
“I’m sorry.”
Bass apologized.
“The doctor told me that it was due to lack of care that the child could not be saved. I blame myself very much, so I need to rest.” “I
Bass nodded after hearing what Sun Hao said.
Although he could foresee the losses caused by Sun Hao’s retirement, Sun Hao had made so many contributions to the Lakers and he couldn’t stop him if he really wanted to rest.
“I’m sorry, Jim.”
/Sun Hao also knew that his retirement would make things difficult for Buss.
“No need to say sorry, I would have made the same choice if it were me. I’ll wait for you to come back.”
Bass Jr. shook Sun Hao’s hand.
“I have one last question, when will you come back?”
This is also a very important question, because it will be related to the Lakers’ strategy.
If Sun Hao only leaves for a year, or even a few months, the Lakers will definitely give up this season and wait for Sun Hao to come back.
But if Sun Hao is leaving for a longer period of time, then the Lakers will have to consider whether to push it to reconstruction or make other arrangements.
“I don’t know, maybe soon, or a long time.”
Sun Hao’s answer was also true.
According to the doctor, Scarlett would not be able to get pregnant again until half a year later, which would be 2008.
If all goes well, he may be back in as soon as two years.
But because of his previous experience, he couldn’t guarantee it.
What Bass heard was definitely not good news, but he still smiled and sent his blessings to Sun Hao.
“As long as you are still with the Lakers, if I come back, you will also be with the Lakers.”
Sun Hao looked at Buss and said.
This is a promise.
After all, it was Buss Jr. who brought him from Dallas to Los Angeles.
“I feel relieved with your words!”
Bass smiled and reached out to pat Sun Hao on the shoulder, his eyes full of hope.
So even if Sun Hao really comes back after five or six years (the possibility is very low), as long as his body recovers, he will still be a superstar in the league.
And O’Neal’s problems may be solved.
Because of what Sun Hao said before, “If the old Shaq can be traded, what about the old me?”, Buss Jr.’s career plan for O’Neal is to stay with the Lakers forever.
But O’Neal will inevitably grow old, while Sun Hao is still at his peak. The contradiction here will become more acute as time goes by.
Moreover, this contradiction has nothing to do with the private relationship between the stars. It can be said to be an unsolvable problem.
Now Sun Hao will retire and take a few years to rest before coming back. O’Neal has retired, and then he can build a team around Sun Hao and another star.
Then it will be just like the original Bulls, they have been patching things up for another three years!
After saying goodbye to Bass, Sun Hao quickly returned to the hospital.
He brought Scarlett some food.