cannot complete it without stopping.

David found all the damaged parts and repaired and replaced them, which only took ten minutes.
“Okay, let’s do a self-check!” David said with satisfaction as he looked at the customized exoskeleton armor.
Although he has the ability of ‘Master of Mechanical Maintenance’, he has not had many opportunities to use it before. Now he tried his skills for a while, and he felt very good.
Although self-examination is required, David is actually very confident that there is no problem with the maintenance, but Lieutenant Fisher is watching from the side, and he needs to give Lieutenant Fisher a result.
With the energy transmission in the customized exoskeleton armor, data flashed on the light screen activated by David’s identity bracelet, and each data test passed.
“Major, are you the military’s ‘Mechanical Maintenance Master’?” Lieutenant Fisher asked with a burning look in his eyes.
In his opinion, David’s mechanical maintenance level has definitely reached the level of ‘Mechanical Maintenance Master’, and the level is still very high. A ‘Mechanical Maintenance Master’ of this level in the military should also be in the Battle Star Military Headquarters. Sit there.
“Fisher, you really don’t know Major David?” Old Captain Boone finally couldn’t bear it anymore and asked aloud.
“Is Major David famous? I haven’t heard them say there is a mechanical maintenance master named David. Is Master David a new transfer? Why is he not in charge of the maintenance department?” Lieutenant Fisher was a little confused. Looking at the old Captain Boone, he asked repeatedly.
“God, you really should go to Skynet more often!” Old Captain Boone couldn’t help but put his hand on his forehead and said.
Lieutenant Fisher opened his identity bracelet with some embarrassment. As soon as he logged in, he saw many messages sent to him.
“Major, are you a ‘sniper master’?” Although Lieutenant Fisher didn’t believe it, he thought about the messages from his comrades and that the special effects of the customized exoskeleton armor were designed for sniping. I knew it was true, but I still asked.
“Yes, I am the ‘Sniper Master’!” David replied while putting the customized exoskeleton armor into the loading box after the inspection of the customized exoskeleton armor was completed.
“But your maintenance level should also be ‘Mechanical Maintenance Master’!” Lieutenant Fisher insisted.
In his profession, Lieutenant Fisher trusted his eyes very much.
/“Lieutenant Fisher, who said that the ‘Sniper Master’ can’t be the ‘Mechanical Maintenance Master’?” David looked at the stubborn maintenance technician in a funny way and said.
Lieutenant Fisher’s eyes were dull for a moment. He simply could not imagine that someone could become a ‘Mechanical Maintenance Master’ and still have the energy to learn other knowledge. Moreover, it was also the most difficult sniper among soldiers to become, and he also reached the master level.
He looked at David’s age and then thought about himself. For a moment, he felt deceived