le in the Divine World and the Interstellar Federation may have private transactions, but such transactions definitely do not happen often.

Because the Divine Great World has a very strict blockade on transactions with the Interstellar Federation, the Divine Great World may tolerate some small actions, but if it dares to have transactions with quality and quantity that exceed the limits, then what is waiting is to be traced by the Divine Great World. s consequence.
Therefore, the only sustainable transactions are officially organized trade fairs. Even if those private transactions are successful, the origin of the traded items must be considered and whether they will be traced by the Divine World.
Of course, the Divine World will not care about the Interstellar Federation, but people from the Divine World who trade with the Interstellar Federation will be in trouble.
There is no way around this. Although the two worlds are factually complementary, the two worlds will not have in-depth exchanges with each other at all.
The Divine World does not want federal technology to appear in their world, which will have a huge impact on their world and produce unexpected changes.
/And the Federation cannot obtain the core secrets of practice in the divine world, because even if it is obtained, it is useless. Without the corresponding bloodline to practice those secrets, it is courting death.
The two sides officially only cooperated and rarely communicated, which resulted in the current strange phenomenon. Although the strong men of the two worlds are on the planet Battle Star, there is not much intersection.
“I still have a spot at the trade fair in five days. Who do you think will accompany me?” David put away the ‘trading qualification card’ and asked the four extraordinary people.
/The four extraordinary people looked at each other. They had been together for many years and had a tacit understanding. Just making eye contact with each other produced results.
“Let Augustine go with you. Apart from him, the items in our hands are not enough to exchange for good things!” Babington Chaofan did not refuse David’s kindness, he said with a smile.
Augustine is the richest among the four extraordinarys. Because he is an extremely rare extraordinary who specializes in large shields, he is often invited by many extraordinarys to participate in their respective tasks, and the rewards he receives are naturally very large.
Among the four extraordinary people, only Augustine Extraordinary has such a net worth to participate in the transaction.
Therefore, the four extraordinary people reached a decision without any hesitation.
“Well, Augustine will go with me in five days. It just so happens that I don’t know the way either!” David replied with a smile.
David carried the ‘Flash Spear’ and left the office, leaving only four extraordinary ones behind.
“Has David established a relationship with any powerful person in the divine world?” Benton said with great envy.
“Needless to say? It must be the powerful man from the divine world