other, forming a huge Skynet system that includes the entire federation, this does not mean that the management can be perfect.

Banks need some special services, which are also the needs of many large financial groups, so the federal government has formulated laws that are beneficial to banks, and unnamed accounts are one of them.
Illegal credit points can be laundered through anonymous accounts. Of course, these anonymous accounts will not be targeted at ordinary citizens. Banks will only open them to customers with special needs.
In the end, David should get 180 billion of the 200 billion credit points. Needless to say, the remaining 20 billion credit points were given to the bank that opened the unnamed account.
Shadow Warrior did not stop next. David found a lot of image data in the optical brain. These were videos of some actions of Batu Energy Company.
Among them, murder and arson are normal things. Super-large energy companies will never be clean. These images are proof of the completion of the mission. Now they have become evidence of Batu Energy Company’s crimes.
David took back the shadow attendant, opened his eyes, and Emmanuel was standing in front of him.
“President David, the police have arrived, and your legal team has arrived!” Emmanuel looked at David respectfully and said.
“We are legal businessmen and we must cooperate with the police!” David ordered in a deep voice.
The first person to enter the conference room was not the police, but a team of six barristers.
As for the police, they are currently surrounding the 18th floor, ready to enter at any time.
The reason why the police arrived a little late was because they needed to recruit manpower to carry out an assassination at the headquarters of Batu Energy Company. Of course, the police needed special attention.
/This time, twelve police officers and more than a hundred other police officers came, almost all the police officers who could handle the case were transferred.
After arriving here, it was discovered that there was a soldier murderer on the 18th floor. The police even notified the government for support.
The security wall was now put down on the 18th floor. This was originally a defense system to deal with external attacks. It was made of thick alloy, but now it blocked the police from entering.
The soldier puppet was standing in the middle of the office floor on the 18th floor, motionless. If the police’s life scanning device hadn’t discovered that he was still alive, everyone on the 18th floor would have been thought to be dead.
Such vicious cases rarely happen on Lunka, at least not in recent decades.
This prompted the police to go all out, using police combat hover vehicles and single-person laser weapons.
The seventeenth floor was also cleared and blocked by the police. The police soldiers were on defense. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to rush in, it was just that the security wall was blocking it, and considering that one soldier on the other side could kill five other soldiers, they didn’t want the police to rush