ustice sat down, Klein controlled the “world” and said with a smile:

“Mr. Hanged Man, I found the Barron you were talking about.”
“Barron, who was involved in many slave escape cases on the colonial islands,” “The Hanged Man” asked in disbelief.
“It should be him.” “The Hanged Man” Alger recalled for two seconds and said, “Where is he and what is his current identity? Mr. World, do you want to take 100 pounds directly in cash or an item of equal value?”
This is the mission of the Church of Storms, and buying clues is reimbursable, so “The Hanged Man” has no pressure.
Of course it was “The Fool” Klein, who was worried about living expenses, who controlled “The World” and said:
“100 pounds cash.
“Barron was in Backlund. He was seen meeting an MI9 officer who was loyal to the royal family. I don’t know who it was because the other person was wearing a mask.”
“MI9 personnel loyal to the royal family” “The Hanged Man” chewed these words, and suddenly thought of Miss Justice’s question just now: Why did Prince Edsac cooperate with the Aurora Society and the Witch Cult?
This also points to whether the two cases of the royal family can be merged. The truth behind the matter involves the disappearance of the slaves. Alger felt that he vaguely saw some key points.
“You are really a well-informed person with many channels. The 100 pounds in cash will be paid tomorrow.” “The Hanged Man” Alger thanked him calmly.
“Hey.” “The World” laughed and turned to look at “The Sun”:
“Little guy, do you know the ancient Hermetic language?”
Derrick did not hide anything and answered honestly:
“I have heard of Hermes, but Silver City does not have this knowledge.”
“It’s a pity. I wanted to ask you for a favor.”
At this time, “Justice” Audrey remembered something from their conversation, which came from the psychological alchemy meeting.
She originally planned to communicate directly, but after looking at the new member Mr. “Moon”, she felt that she didn’t know him well, so she had to raise her hand slightly and said:
“Dear Mr. Fool, I have something to report to you.”
Klein nodded slightly, blocking out other people’s perception.
“What’s the matter?” he asked calmly.
Audrey said truthfully:
/“I got some information from the Psychological Alchemy Society. The most important thing is that their establishment stemmed from the excavation of the remains of Hermes, the master of Hermes who created the ancient Hermes language.”
The relics of Hermes. This old gentleman was still alive a hundred or two hundred years ago. Did he deliberately guide the Psychological Alchemy Society to discover the relics, or did he fall in the Russell incident? Klein was frightened for a while, thought about it, and reminded with a smile:
“Hermes is a member of the Twilight Hermits.”
He made no mention of the possibility that Hermes was still alive, for it was impossible to be sure.
Hermes is a member of the “Twilight Hermits”. The Psychological Alchemy Society is likely to be involved with this mysterious organization. Audrey was shocked, and th