om the broken skeleton, wearing a heavy and damaged spiritual armor, and the sword Youlong that was placed at his side even when he was building the foundation. All of these made Zhu Peng look like He is more like a victorious general who has been through the dust of the world than an immortal cultivator who has nothing to do with the secular world.

Just when Zhu Peng, who had completed his own foundation building and even gained great benefits during the foundation building process, slowly walked out of the broken amethyst skeleton, seven major acupoints such as his Tanzhong, Youchi, and Xinqiao suddenly spurted out a stream of energy. The purple flames mixed with blood not only damaged Zhu Peng’s tyrannical body, but even the heavy spiritual armor on Zhu Peng’s body was burned by these seven red and purple purple flames of blood and made a rustling sound. It looked as if the leaves had been eaten by a large number of locusts, and they looked extremely fragile.
/Even Zhu Peng groaned in pain and unconsciously pressed his chest with his left hand. Only from the corner of his mouth, thick red and purple blood overflowed. After coughing several mouthfuls of blood, Zhu Peng was able to calm down.
“Opportunities are good opportunities, with rich benefits. Opportunities are good opportunities, and they come only once in a thousand years. However, if I had not killed the golden-armored puppet in another space and released enough aura and Yin evil spirit to build my foundation, I would not even have completed building the tripod in another space at that time. Returning to the foundation, I am afraid that these true essences alienated by the ‘flow of time and space’ will not only not be integrated into my foundation building spiritual fire when I build the foundation, but will kill me the moment I return to the earth star. life.”
/Although most of the alien true energy of time and space has been integrated into Zhu Peng’s foundation-building spirit fire, the remaining remnants are already very terrifying, and the meridians of Zhu Peng’s body are as tyrannical as a demon’s. There are five types of fatigue and seven injuries, both internal and external damage.
If Zhu Pengcha hadn’t felt that most of them had been solved earlier, Zhu Peng, who had been drifting outside for three years, might have exploded and died as soon as he returned to Earth due to the completely different forces between the inner and outer spaces. This is like a mortal diving thousands of meters below the sea without any equipment. Even if he does not suffocate to death at the bottom of the sea, he will still die of suffocation when he returns to the sea because of the different pressures inside and outside the body. .
This is the power of space. It is shadowless and invisible. It will not appear in front of your eyes, but if you dare to ignore it for a moment, it will kill you inadvertently. (This is based on science and is not made up by salted fish. The most typical example is the “hairtail” that everyone often eats. Haven’t you noticed that you hav