shield, felt the pressure increase sharply. The endless sea of ??arrows that connected the sky and the earth fell like rain. For a moment, Su Xin thought of a mortal in ancient costume that he had seen a few years ago. Drama: “Hero”.

“What a fool! The ancient Qin army really had such a rain of arrows. Damn, even Superman could shoot them down from the sky.” This was originally just what the blood elder said after watching “Heroes” and “Superman” in his spare time. A joke. But at this moment, the world was repaying him.
Only at this moment did Su Xin know that the ancient Qin army could really shoot a rain of arrows covering a large area, and it could really shoot down even Superman.
Arrows, endless arrows, carrying the power of endless clouds and ghosts, pouring down like rain. If one does not break the defense, if two do not break the defense, then ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand branches, one million branches
Anyway, the ancient Qin army, which was already dead in the Ghost Realm, no longer had to worry about military expenditures, so they shot and killed quite happily. But the giant snake that almost fell asleep just now smiled. Its seemingly indestructible scales disintegrated and even eroded little by little under the rain of arrows full of corrosive ghost power. The dripping water could even penetrate the stone, not to mention it seemed endless. A continuous rain of arrows.
Moreover, not only are these ghost armies not taboo about military expenditures, they don’t have to worry about the loss of soldiers and the morale of the army. Under the rain of arrows from the sky, which even the demon snakes in the foundation-building realm can’t withstand, the ghost armies attack one team after another without fear. If they were killed, basically a hundred ghost soldiers would be able to break out a dozen or so in the arrow rain – this was already an area where the arrow rain was relatively sparse.
It’s a complete joke to let Zhu Sansan go out and fight under such a rain of arrows. I’m afraid he won’t be able to come back if he rushes out.
/Of course, the effectiveness of Li Zhe’s poison channels on living creatures is greatly reduced. If he wants to kill the ghost army, he can only use those powerful dissolving poisons, and other hemolytic and rotten meat poisonous hairs are useless.
But any master who is proficient in poison will not put too many poisons of the same type on his body, because that is tantamount to reducing the poison master’s poisoning methods. Therefore, killing these ghosts consumes a lot of money and has low effect. Li Zhe is only the main defender at this time.
Li Liehuo, who was the main attacker, was much better, but he was very lethal and consumed a huge amount of damage. Looking at the boundless ghost army in front of him, if it weren’t for the calm-looking Zhu Peng beside him, he would have really worried that it was his true energy. If they are used up first, the ghost army in front of them will die first.
In such a tense situation, Zhu Peng was stil