monks who were already at a disadvantage was undoubtedly more critical.

Just now, the three of them were able to barely hold on under the siege of eight hostile monks. On the one hand, it was because the blood monks had an outstanding overall combat capability, and on the other hand, it was also because the eight enemy monks felt that they were outnumbered.
Chapter 090 Blood God of War, Zhumen Iron Beast
/They were not willing to spend too much mana and true energy. At this time, Jiugong was away, and the Cui family trio finally couldn’t bear it anymore. They tried their best to waste more true energy to completely defeat the blood trio.
Blood Soul Ridge monk Li Yi has activated the Purple Soul Heavenly Eyes. Although it is limited to his qualifications, his Purple Soul Heavenly Eyes was activated with his own true energy skills the day after tomorrow, but his terrifying dynamic and static vision is not the same as his ability to control himself after opening the eyes. The increase in defensive ability still allowed him to become the absolute leader of the entire trio with his strength, but at this time, he couldn’t stand it anymore.
Although his eyes could see clearly, his body couldn’t keep up. His body, which was originally strong, fast, and agile in escape techniques, was now nearly half slowed down by the shadow restraints attached to the Hundred Ghosts’ Night Walk.
A paper talisman shot by the opponent was difficult to dodge. It directly pierced his protective body and penetrated his shoulder muscles. The huge force took him flying back several steps.
Originally, for the monks, although these minor injuries on the shoulders were painful and troublesome, they would not be fatal instantly. However, Li Yi’s retreat allowed the girl behind him to add Taoist skills to him.
Facing the swarms of shotguns that shot down like knives and paper talismans in the sky, the female monk was stunned for a moment, obviously unable to avoid them.
“Are you going to die? I’m really unwilling to accept it. It’s been so long since I graduated from the sect, but I’m still an intermediate level demon mage. It’s really difficult to get promoted to this title.”
/Facing the coming of the shadow of death, the auxiliary monk girl smiled slightly and closed her eyes. She had a very gentle temperament, and the cruel and killing battles between monks were not suitable for her. The girl had long since tired.
“No” came the desperate roar of captain Li Yi, which seemed to contain endless pain and sadness, “Captain, you like me very much, I have known it for a long time. Unfortunately, I have no feelings for you at all, I The man I want to marry must be a superior heavenly master. Now, it’s better to die, so as not to hurt you again.”
After waiting for a long time, the monk girl recalled changing her brother’s diaper when she was a child, but the severe pain she imagined still did not come.
“What’s going on? Why am I not dead yet? No, before you die, you have to remember your whole life before you die.”
The girl opened her eyes in co