insights. Although it may be encountered but cannot be sought, it may never be repeated, but it is indeed an opportunity that can be truly grasped.

But just when Zhu Peng’s Qi was advancing rapidly, the cold meaning contained in the White Tiger Pill Tribulation suddenly aroused a fierce reaction of Zixiao Flame in his body.
/Just like meeting the desired nourishment, this purple night fire instantly swallowed up the cold meaning, and then the power of refining the true essence that Zhu Peng had never thought about reappeared inexplicably, allowing Zhu Peng to rush up to the refinement. The true energy of Qi Qi in the early stage of Qi Qi level has been severely tempered.
When Zhu Peng finally realized what he was doing, he realized that although his true energy was extremely purified and unparalleled, only the peak of the fifth level of Qi Refining was left. This discovery made Zhu Peng really dumbfounded. There are advantages and disadvantages, but Zi Xiaoyan’s sudden power also allowed Zhu Peng to truly understand the essence of this set of techniques.
“Is it ‘kill’?”
A faint muttering sounded in the stone chamber, “Killing is a sin, and killing for any reason is a sin. However, I have decided to bear this sin. There is no limit to the sea of ??blood, and there is no shore to turn back to.”
At three o’clock in the afternoon, countless people were crowded here in the third branch of the Zhu family in Xue Po Ridge, waiting and anxious. They had reasons to wait and be anxious. Zhu Tiejai, who was like a god of war in Xue Po Ridge, fell down. He was ambushed and severely injured, even to the point of threatening his life and death.
Whether Zhu Tiejai is dead or alive, apart from the direct blood relatives in the room who are really concerned about it, the other people in the third room of the Zhu family are more worried about their future interests and status.
Apart from Zhu Tiejai, there are almost no outstanding figures in the entire Zhu family’s third branch. The power and majesty of this line is almost all supported by the Zhu family’s iron beast. Now that the pillars have fallen, the entire Zhu family’s third branch is filled with a feeling that the building is about to collapse. This group of people gathered here for their own interests were full of anxiety, and they seemed to be more emotional and interesting than Zhu Peng, who had a rigid and cold face in the room.
I didn’t know how long I had been waiting, but Li Zhen, the doctor inside, finally walked out step by step. “Elder Li, what happened to my iron armor? Is it still there? Is it still there?”
She said two sentences in succession, but Zhu Peng’s mother, Mrs. Li, could not say the following words. After all, she was just a fragile woman. Apart from being a little assertive when running housework, she had never experienced any major events.
It’s just that Li Zhen has been practicing medicine all her life, and she has long been familiar with this situation. “Mrs. Zhu, please calm down. Tie Kai’s injury has been stabilized. It is unlikely that it