r sacrificial move, I suffered a slight loss.”

Lingluo opened his mouth, still wanting to say something, but found that the blood was flowing too much, and he had no extra strength. He was still able to stand at this time, all because of Zhu Peng’s elbow support, and the strong Yinyan magnetic evil had already destroyed him. All the life in his body was swept away.
The next moment, the knife flew across his head, and Zhu Sansan beheaded Master Lingluo with a knife, “Sir, don’t you only like to chat with dead enemies? Talking so much to a loser is not like your style. ”
/He took out a piece of brocade silk from his arms and slowly explored the non-existent blood on the narrow blade. Zhu Sansan really loved this sharp weapon. Although it could attack but not defend, and could chop but not fight, this top-quality magic weapon However, while losing its defensive power, the sword possesses terrifying lethality that is close to that of a high-level spiritual weapon. It is pure and unique, which really fits Zhu Sansan’s shooting habits. It was the main battle weapon that Zhu Peng selected for Cui Changsheng from his storage bag.
Without responding to the adjutant’s words, Zhu Peng lazily stretched his muscles and pulled a big slump, “Anyway, this time the difficulty has finally been overcome. The seventh level of the Sky Fox Spirit Formation was breached by us. Come to think of it. Let’s make some more soy sauce and eat some of the leftovers, and Hanshanyuan and Kujijianmen won’t be able to say anything.”
With Ling Luo’s death, the formation’s eyes were broken, and the mist surrounding the changes gradually dissipated, and the Linghu Han family’s clan-protecting formation was reduced to another layer. “Hey, hey, hey, what the hell do you want to do?” Just as Zhu Peng was speaking, Zhu Sansan pulled Han Youer back by the collar, who was lowering his head and wanted to escape. Looking at the posture of holding it lightly with one hand, it seemed as if he was holding A kitten.
/“Uuuu, don’t kill You’er, and don’t sell You’er. You’er can be cute, coquettish, and beg for bed, so don’t sell You’er to Sixiangzhai as a slave girl.”
As expected of an elite member of the Han family, just a few simple words conveyed a delicate, soft, tender and tender meaning. Muttering, Zhu Peng and Zhu Sansan swallowed together, causing Han You’er to be confused for a while, “That guy who looks like a pervert, looks at You’er swallowing normally, how come the ugly guy behind him has the same virtue? Has Youer’s charm increased again? No, I look in the mirror every day.”
“Sir, it’s not good to torture such a young child too early. Fruits that ripen too early are often astringent and bitter. Let me take him back and train him for two years before sending them to you.” While talking, Zhu Sansanyi While retreating expressionlessly, Han You’er was hidden behind her without any trace.
It’s a pity that Zhu Peng has always been generous when it comes to spiritual stone instruments, but when it comes to certain people or things, Zhu Peng has never