l be dissolved to death in a short period of time, but this kind of thing is obviously difficult to pose a danger to Zhu Peng.

Looking at the huge eight-tailed iron civet in front of him, Li Zhe stared at its broken ninth giant tail and slowly marveled in his heart. Not only did Zhu Peng predict the timing of his spell in advance, but he also Sacrifice a giant iron sand tail, let the Qiankun Black Dragon Arrow collide and explode with the giant iron sand tail. Those huge amounts of iron sand are the fundamental vitality of his top spiritual weapon, the Shura Gourd. If some of the Shura Gourd’s power is damaged, the power of the Shura Gourd will be reduced. All the magnet sand was destroyed, and the Shura gourd that had been strengthened to the top level of a spiritual weapon became an ordinary storage bag with no name as a spiritual weapon. Zhu Peng paid such a price for only a slight error in his judgment. His precise vision and ruthless thinking really make people marvel.
/Thinking silently like this, Li Zhe stretched his hands forward. Although his expression was cold and solemn, he obviously did not intend to give up the fight. Although the demon transformed from the top spiritual weapon in front of him was wonderful and ferocious, Li Zhe did not feel that A great demon at the ninth level of Qi refining who controls a top-notch spiritual weapon can pose a huge threat to him. The balance of victory is still tilted towards his side.
“Sand Spiritual Pivot, Earth-bound Coffin, Sand Resurrection.” With extremely cold and indifferent words, a handsome young man in a black robe slowly emerged from the head of the Iron Sand Demon. I don’t know why, but at this time In Li Zhe’s eyes, Zhu Peng didn’t have any vitality that belonged to a stranger. On the contrary, at this time, Zhu Peng in Xuanyi was like a hard dead man made of iron sand. Although he appeared in front of Li Zhe and spoke to him, he still remained It doesn’t give people any vivid feeling, even the words and curses are filled with a cold and empty meaning.
“Back? Haha. The show has just begun, and I don’t want you, as a foundation-building master, to lose so easily.” There was a hint of indifference or even contempt in the hollow voice, but it was also true. Because of this, Li Zhe’s eyebrows furrowed more and more tightly. All the upper echelons of Blood Soul Ridge knew the fact that Zhu Peng, the High Priest of Blood Soul, was not a joker, let alone a braggart. On the contrary, in many cases, he They are all a little too humble, so that people outside the ridge always think that Blood Zhu Peng is arrogant to the core. (Excessive humility is the greatest arrogance)
Just when Li Zhe was fully alert because of the words of “Zhu Peng” in front of him, Zhu Peng and the huge iron beast under his feet suddenly erupted with frightening spiritual pressure. The surging poisonous power roared suddenly. I have to admire Zhu Peng’s timing for choosing the battle. Li Zhe, who had just completed the foundation-building retreat, did not even rest for a day before he w