asure born from heaven and earth.

Zhang Jian has never seen the innate spiritual treasure, but he clearly knows about the supreme treasure of Tongshan Taoism, the Xuanmen of Heaven and Earth.
Although the power of this orb is quite wonderful, it does not give him the feeling of being more powerful than the Mysterious Gate of Heaven and Earth.
At most it is similar to the fifth-level Neptune Immortal Treasure from Qingping Dragon Palace.
But it’s also extremely amazing.
At this moment, ‘Shi Rui”s whole body was filled with azure blue divine light, and a hint of ice blue appeared in the depths of his eyes. At this moment, he seemed to have become the Yuanling of this strange treasure, and his whole body was filled with a layer of magnificent divine light.
Zhang Jian’s persecution seemed to activate the defensive power of this fairy treasure itself.
Zhang Jian looked cold when he saw this scene.
“If you still want to return to the world and become a living person, then be honest!”
At the same time, a magnificent divine power oppressed the heart of ‘Shi Rui’. That magnificent divine power was so vast. Under that divine power, Shi Rui returned to a trace of rationality and instinctively felt a sense of fear.
Hearing Zhang Jian’s words again, Shi Rui’s eyes suddenly lit up.
“Chang Immortal, can I still live?”
The words appeared, and a layer of magnificent fairy light flowing around him slowly calmed down.
Seeing this scene, Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated.
He knew that the ‘Shi Rui’ in front of him could be said to be a world-shattering miracle. His mortal body was actually recognized by a fifth-level immortal treasure.
/Even if the fifth-level immortal treasure is placed in an immortal sect such as Tongshan Taoism, it is still offered as an ancestor.
Similar to Qingping Dragon Palace, a fifth-level immortal treasure is the foundation for suppressing the entire Qingping Dragon Palace.
/And suppress the foundation of the Dragon Clan’s great fortune.
Shi Rui was actually recognized by a baby of this level.
However, Shi Rui’s mortal body was too weak. The most fatal thing was that he was crushed to death when he was recognized. I don’t know whether he was unlucky or lucky.
But he’s not ‘dead’!
At least there is no ‘death’ in Zhang Jian’s eyes!
Listening to his words, this fifth-level immortal treasure also absorbed his physical body. The physical body should be well preserved by the exotic treasure.
This gave him a chance of survival.
Zhang Jian nodded slightly.
“Of course!”
Upon hearing this, Shi Rui’s eyes suddenly burst into infinite vitality, and he quickly kowtowed.
“I also ask the Immortal to save my life. Shi Rui is willing to do whatever it takes to repay the Immortal for saving my life!”
After thinking about it, Shi Rui said quickly.
“As long as he can live, Shi Rui is willing to dedicate his treasure to the immortal!”
Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated and he said with a smile: “There is no need to be a cow or a horse, but since you have been wandering in the Three Holy Cities for three hundred