ce is still inferior to the Innate Taiyin Law Tao Seed.

But this also shows that the power of this immortal method is close to that of the fourth-level immortal method.
Even the fourth level immortal magic.
/If it were more than eighty years later, when Zhang Jian first became an innate divine body, facing such immortal magic that had the power to destroy the world, he could only borrow the power of the two treasures of heaven and earth in the Mountains and Rivers Sheji Map to resist, and use the Mountains and Rivers Sheji Map to first lay down an area. The world, heaven and earth, traps the opponent, and relies on the power of the treasure to wear the opponent to death.
Just like dealing with Demon Lord Zhu Yan.
But now Zhang Jian is not afraid of such bombardment by immortal magic.
As he waved his hand, a powerful fairy treasure appeared.
That is a huge mountain.
The entire mountain peak is pitch black.
It was one of the two palace-suppressing treasures of the Sansheng Palace, the fourth-level immortal treasure-suppressing mountain seal.
This fourth-level fairy treasure only has a single offensive property.
Its ability is very unique. In addition to suppression, it only has confinement and amplification!
Continuously increase the power of the Immortal Treasure itself and the superimposed power of the Envoy.
Zhang Jian was originally the god of Sheji, who was in charge of the universe and Sheji, and had great power in Shinto.
If this treasure fell into his hands, it would be even more powerful.
When he raised his hand, black light came out from the mountain in his hand. As Zhang Jian threw it in his hand, the vortex of the magic spring below that seemed to be able to swallow up the world suddenly stagnated, as if it was completely imprisoned.
In an instant, it was torn into countless pieces by countless escaping layers of dark gravity law patterns.
The Zhenshan Seal fiercely suppressed the core area!
Boom! !
It was as if layers of time and space were turning into powder.
Deep in the inner layer, the roar of the terrifying demon was heard!
In the midst of the angry roar, a terrifying demon god with a stature of tens of thousands of feet took shape in the depths of the magic spring. He was surrounded by two terrifying black dragons. The demonic aura was endless, and the demonic flames were soaring into the sky. They were only blocked by the ever-expanding Zhenshan Mountain. The seal was smashed, but he still staggered back after being hit!
Chapter 487: Outbreak
And almost at the same time, a violent wind came from the ancient magic spring.
In an instant, countless meteorites were seen above the head like a torrent forming from the sky, bombarding towards the ancient magic spring.
Those countless meteorites shine with a dark color, and you can tell at a glance that there is something famous inside!
In front of the woods, the figure of the ancestor of the Exorcist appeared in the stream of light for an instant. He raised his head and glanced into the depths of the sky. As he wav