the Zhang family so as not to ruin the fortune of the Zhang family, otherwise”

Zhang Yi waved his hand and said: “Ayu, don’t worry about this. The children of my Zhang family will abide by the ancestral precepts and will not do anything to cause trouble to the people or ruin the family tradition!”
Zhang Yi confirmed, Zhang Jian nodded.
The Zhang family cannot do anything but fall short of success.
Then Zhang Jian returned to Haojing City with Queen Qi, the eldest prince Wei Yuan, and the third prince Wei Cheng.
In Haojing City, the civil and military officials have already made plans for the enthronement ceremony. Three days later will be the auspicious time when the eldest prince Wei Yuan will ascend the throne.
The missing prime minister among the three ministers was concurrently appointed by Zhang Jian, a bachelor.
The censor doctor was temporarily photographed by Wei Gui, the censor’s servant in Taichung.
Although other civil and military officials have received rewards and titles, they have not changed much.
But while the enthronement ceremony was in full swing, Zhang Jian saw the Demon-Slaying Lord again on the other side.
The Zhang family’s residence has now been decorated with a golden plaque, the Prime Minister’s Residence.
The Demon-Slaying True Lord descended from the void. There were two jade slips in her hand, and she threw them to Zhang Jian.
“This is a puppet secret technique that I exchanged from a good friend. As for the merit-based Yuan Shen Xian Fa sect, I gave you the “Xuanhuang Secret Record of Heaven and Earth” in exchange for it. This technique is a special teaching from outside the world, and it is also A supreme heavenly book, after practicing this method, you can condense a black and yellow lotus in the sky and earth, which is extremely magical, as long as you have enough merit!”
The Demon-Slaying Lord now had a smile on his face.
Upon hearing this, Zhang Jian’s huge soul swept across the two jade slips, which were only slightly in contact, and his eyes suddenly lit up.
The levels of these two secret techniques are extremely high.
Among them, the puppet secret method “Dutian Silk Winding Technique” is a Hedao-level secret method. After it is completed, the soul can be divided and many puppets can be easily created. It also includes multiple puppet refining methods. The value of this secret method can be imagined.
The “Secret Record of Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang” is even more valuable. The condensed Xuanhuang Lotus in it has unparalleled defense. It can not only protect the Taoist heart, but also help with cultivation.
The value is immeasurable.
It is certain that the Demon-Slaying Lord is bleeding this time.
“Disciple, thank you Master for giving me the Dharma!”
Zhang Jian slightly handed over. No amount of thanks at this time was just hypocrisy. Zhang Jian just kept the matter in mind.
/Demon-Slayer True Lord glanced at Zhang Jian and sighed.
/“Have a good time practicing!”
“If you want to walk the path of the Holy King and stand tall in the world, you will still face