be the time when he would fall into the status of Human Emperor.

“It is indeed tyrannical!”
On the throne, after Zhang Jian became slightly familiar with the character, he immediately devoted himself wholeheartedly to the integration of the Great Xia Dynasty.
Many major forces have initially taken effect. Which ones need to be distinguished and suppressed, and those that need support, how to support them, and how to promote the laws of heaven in the Great Xia Dynasty all require Zhang Jian’s overall planning.
As Zhang Jian successfully obtained the title of Human Emperor, the immortals in the Great Xia Dynasty also burst out with unprecedented enthusiasm.
Being able to witness with their own eyes the birth of the holy king in myths and legends and serve in the dynasty of the holy king, the immortals and gods naturally showed great enthusiasm.
This is also the time when the dragon’s power is rewarded.
“The era of the Holy King has arrived!”
At this time, there were many tyrannical ancient immortals in the five major provinces, inside and outside many spiritual mountains and blessed places. The ancient gods looked at this scene from a distance and sighed secretly.
Some were shocked and frustrated, while others were secretly delighted.
And the happiest thing is for everyone in the Tongshan Taoist tradition.
/Since ancient times, Tongshan Taoism finally gave birth to the second ancient holy king.
At this time, on this magnificent ancient holy mountain, wisps of magnificent luck descended, manifesting all kinds of magnificent signs inside and outside the sacred mountain.
Countless fortunes manifested into real Zhilan, and spiritual beasts descended from the sky. They were some of the high-level monks who had gained the merit of supporting the Holy Court, and the gods directly absorbed them.
Even the Demon-Slaying True Monarch in seclusion has gained something. A torrent of luck flew down from the sky and turned into a snow-white horse and fell into her retreat, manifesting a magnificent auspicious cloud on the Demon-Slaying Peak.
The bulk of them fell into the seclusion of three second-generation ancestors.
With the level of the three second-generation ancestors, they were able to see through some of the changes in luck at this time. Naturally, they knew that they had the great luck of supporting the Holy Court. Each of them clearly felt that their own souls had a clearer sense of the laws of heaven and earth.
This is the most intuitive way to use the blessing of great luck.
Deepening the luck of the atmosphere can strengthen the connection between oneself and heaven and earth, and can temporarily break through the various ‘interferences’ surrounding the soul, such as evil spirits, cause and effect, evil forces, and even destiny in the sky.
However, the great fortune will not always remain at its peak. As the connection between everything in the world changes, it will still be time-sensitive.
But this period of time is enough for many immortals and gods.
Enough to distance yourself from other immortals