hou can become stronger.

“Sister Yu’er, I’m afraid you are too optimistic!”
Next to him, there was a girl who was exquisite and petite, with a jade face like a porcelain doll. She was eating cakes, and all the girls looked at her.
she said.
“It is true that the two demonic ancestors, Xue Wuya and Yue Qingcheng, are very strong, but I am afraid they have only survived the first immortal tribulation. Although the true immortals who have survived the first immortal tribulation are somewhat stronger than other true immortals, It doesn’t necessarily have to be that strong!”
A girl in green clothes next to Si Yu’er snorted softly.
“Si Doudou, you have never seen it, how can you make such an assertion?”
Si Doudou glanced at the girl in green and sneered: “I just know, believe it or not, it’s up to you!”
Seeing that many sisters were about to start a quarrel, Si Lier quickly signaled everyone not to quarrel.
Most of the people present were sisters from the Si family, or cousins ??who were practicing in the ancient land of the Si family. Being able to be united by her, they were certainly no ordinary people.
Many of them have excellent spiritual roots.
There are even rare acquired Tao bodies.
It’s not as good as Si Yu’er and Si Doudou. One of them possesses the acquired Wu Tu Taoist body. They can get twice the result with half the effort in practicing the earth attribute secret method, and their talents are outstanding.
One possesses a rather rare Tao body, the Innate Ultimate Luck Tao body.
/You are born with great luck.
Even Emperor Yu was extremely optimistic about Si Doudou.
As the true seed of the Si family, Si Doudou’s reputation is not weaker than hers.
Si Li’er tried to smooth things over at this time.
“Okay, sisters, there is no need to argue. You will know after asking the elders whether it is right or not!”
Na Si Doudou glanced at the girls, puffing out her cheeks, and said again.
“You’re right. My little sister may not be able to join the Zhang family yet. She may become another family’s wife by then!”
As soon as these words came out, the goddesses were startled, and the girl in green looked up and down at Si Doudou.
“Si Doudou, what do you mean?”
The woman in yellow, Si Yuer, also looked at Si Doudou with a pair of talking eyes and asked.
/“Doudou, did you hear something?”
“Of course I heard it, but it has nothing to do with anything!”
Si Doudou snorted lightly. The other girls heard the words and were very angry, but they were too lazy to argue with Si Doudou.
Si Doudou has always had such a bad temper.
Only Si Li’er could bear it, but they couldn’t bear it!
The girls dispersed after a moment.
Si Li’er left Si Doudou behind and asked.
“Sister Nineteen, did you hear something?”
Si Lier looked serious.
There are many children in the Si family, and her father, the ninth prince Si Zhengqing, has dozens of children.
Si Doudou ranked 19th. Although they were not born from the same mother, the two girls have always had a close relationship.
Si Doudou put down the pastries in her hand