h divine power to ignore the Fourth Great Destruction, then it would be normal!

This thought subconsciously came to mind among all the Dao Lords.
But several Dao Lords still have some vague guesses in their hearts!
/But on the other side, as various strange signs appeared, many Zhang family gods and gods in front of Tianhou Palace were already looking overjoyed.
All kinds of strange signs all indicate that my ancestor has made a breakthrough.
Achieve the body of a Taoist.
And looking at the majestic signs that filled the fairyland and heaven, and even broke out of the ocean of chaos, it was obviously not as simple as an ordinary Taoist.
At this moment, the heavy clouds weighing on Zhang’s Immortal God’s heart had been lifted away.
If the strange blood-red tribulation eye hadn’t appeared again, many Zhang Clan immortals would have cheered.
But the gods were still excited at this moment.
The Zhang family finally gave birth to a Taoist priest.
Immortals and gods in the realm of Tao Zun are the existences of Taoism that transcend eras and epochs.
This is the transcendent power and supreme existence that transcends the heavens and the rivers of time and space.
/Chapter 754: Lingbao Promotion
Zhang Jian has experienced the fifth catastrophe.
When his ego corpse was cut out, he immediately passed through the fifth catastrophe of destruction.
But this time there is something different.
The superposition of two and five great catastrophes of destruction has caused changes.
In the depths of the blood-red Tribulation Eye space, there is all the blood-red will of destruction, plus layers of blood-dancing mad thunder.
In the streaks of thunder and lightning, there seemed to be many signs of great destruction being triggered.
The entire Tribulation Eye space began to shrink continuously. Under the blood-red light, four giant gods from the other side were born under the Tribulation Eye, surrounded by boundless destruction, destruction, apocalypse, and ending.
It was the God of Rules that was reshaped by the will of Great Destruction to mobilize some of the ancient gods of destruction.
The atmosphere emitted by each statue is comparable to that of a second-level Taoist.
They are the Tao Eaters born exclusively in the great catastrophe of destruction!
Very dangerous.
Within the Tribulation Eye space, they are much stronger than the ordinary second-turn Taoist masters.
Not to mention the combination of three Tao Eaters in twos.
There is also the ultimate universe that evolved from the Tribulation Eye space, and the ominous blessing of the great destruction of all things.
Just seeing the majestic giant gods displaying the terrifying Taoist divine power, and the magnificent source of divine light sweeping in, Zhang Jian’s expression did not change, but he still manifested the true form of the billion-foot-high Earth Emperor.
The earth-yellow divine light around him condensed and formed, turning into a series of defensive secrets.
Even if the four terrifying Tao Eaters bombard it indiscriminately, they can’t s