the emperor, who has the destiny of being emperor, is the best host.

“This is a matter of national importance, please forgive me, Mr. Zhang!”
Zhang Jian nodded. “Don’t worry, Imperial Master. Since the fate of the country is at stake, I cannot stand by and watch!”
Taoist Jingming looked happy when he heard this, and immediately said: “Actually, I just borrowed Mr. Zhang’s Dongdi Mirror temporarily. This mirror shines into the void. Any evil spirits who want to get close will have no way to hide. With this treasure, We will definitely ensure that the ceremony can be held normally!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated and he nodded.
/This time he did not put forward any more conditions, which could be regarded as repaying Emperor Jingwu’s appreciation.
Late at night, the moonlight is dark.
In the palace, in front of the Dongling Tomb, there was a tall altar surrounded by flags, but Emperor Jingwu was sitting in it. Taoist Tiangang’s body was swollen, covered with malignant sores, and his face was terrifying.
With a solemn expression, he looked at Emperor Jingwu and warned.
“Your Majesty, you need to think clearly. Entering the dragon soul into the body will have great side effects. Your Majesty is a mortal body after all. Your mortal body is weak and cannot withstand the power of the dragon soul. This will shorten your life and you will gradually suffer from insomnia in the future. , the sequelae of energy exhaustion!”
On the altar, Emperor Jingwu faced the disheveled Tiangang Taoist with a smile on his face.
/“Didn’t the real person say that if the dragon soul has no carrier, our country’s destiny will not be guaranteed. Only by re-stabilizing the dragon soul can we frighten those cultivators and stabilize order. There is no other way?”
Emperor Jingwu was dressed in ordinary clothes, but his eyes were shining with light.
Next to it, there were several other figures standing on one side of the altar, which was several feet tall. There were Prime Minister Li Yan, Yushi doctor Zhuang Ying, Taiwei Wang Huan, Chao Mu and another Taoist wearing a star robe. Book, he nodded secretly after hearing this.
Emperor Jingwu, with his extraordinary wisdom and perseverance, may really be able to break through the destiny and reshape Daqian.
“Your Majesty, please hold back!”
Master Tiangang cast a spell, and the black dragon flag flew up in his hand. In an instant, a majestic black dragon flew up from the flag flag. The dragon roared for nine days, following the guidance of countless flag flags on the altar, and suddenly headed in the direction of Emperor Jingwu. Speed ??away.
In the distance, in a palace, Zhang Jian faced the cold wind under the moon and looked at the magnificent black dragon.
The moment the black dragon manifested, he felt some strange movement of the mark of the Emperor of Sheji in his body, as if he could devour the black dragon if he wanted to.
Chapter 306: Battle
It’s like the black dragon in front of you is a great tonic.
And it can be attracted with just a thought.
This is the nat