o it can educate the world.

All the innate divine talismans and innate divine regalia formed by the Heavenly Court all emerged from the Yuxu Taoist Palace, and were finally perfected by the immortals and gods, and finally became the Heavenly Court Divine Tao.
In fact, these innate divine talismans and innate divine vessels are also the path to heaven.
This sect also declined after the Medieval War, but it has regained some of its momentum in recent years.
It’s just that Zhang Jian doesn’t think that Emperor Ziyuan has anything to do with them.
If there was such a Taoist tradition behind him, the Ziyuan Heavenly Emperor would not risk his troops and steal the origin of the Taoism in order to perfect the Hunyuan True Talisman.
Those ancient great religions have countless wonderful methods, and there is no need to steal the source of heaven to break through.
This is too crude and too wasteful.
If someone under his disciples did this, he would slap them to death.
What a waste!
Zhang Jian said with a little emotion at this time.
“Although we were lucky enough to defeat Zi Yuan, everyone can see that the original source of Xianting Tianjie has suffered serious losses. If we want to return to its heyday, we don’t know how long it will take!”
Suihuang Ancestor God nodded upon hearing this.
“It’s just some time left!”
“I, the Three Emperors of Heaven, will also help you repair the origin of this world and restore your vitality as soon as possible!”
/After reminiscing about old times, both parties got down to business.
Another female fairy with a heroic face and a strong Geng Jin fairy light around her body took out various contracts, and then handed them to Zhang Jian, King Yu, and the three gods Qingqiu Empress for circulation and reading.
After confirming that there was no problem with the contract, he directly asked Zhang Jian to sign it.
In fact, these contracts have no binding power from heaven.
Nor is there any innate god manifested from it.
Just simple text, in duplicate.
Signing the contract is just a matter of completing the process.
If they regret it or fail to abide by the agreement, the losses for both parties will inevitably be greater than the punishment from heaven.
Zhang Jian would not do this as long as he did not want to turn against the Three Emperors of Heaven.
The Three Emperors Heaven Realm does not want to lose Zhang Jian, a young Taoist, and will not break the contract easily. Moreover, the chain reaction that will occur after the destruction, the loss of property, and the bankruptcy of reputation are both parties that are not willing to bear.
With such a terrible price behind it, this is more reliable than any oath of heaven.
After formally signing the contract, Jinse Daojun kept one part of the contract and left the other part to Zhang Jian.
Suihuang Ancestor God then said.
“Earth Emperor, as for the universal third-turn Taoist status given by the three emperors in heaven, we have brought it to you, and will later hand it over to you along with other divine objects of heave