is beauty, Su’s parents Princess Fang’s reputation as “beautiful as jade and sword as beautiful” is indeed worthy of her name.

Uh, that’s wrong. Beauty Ruyu did see it, but the Ruyan sword in Su Yu’s hand was not unsheathed yet.
Counting the six puppets, Zhu Peng and his seven others pressed against Su Yu. Su Yu’s sword was so sharp that it could even strike from a distance, while the puppets that had not yet been refined into real magic weapons could only fight at close range. Therefore, the closer the distance between the two parties is, the more beneficial it is to Zhu Peng. “Haha, you are about to be besieged by me, and you have to say such heart-wrenching words, Junior Sister Yu, are you afraid?”
“Choke” was the moment Zhu Peng was afraid of uttering the word, the long sword chanted softly, and a dazzling stream of light flowed from Su Yu’s waist, carrying Su Yu and flying into the sky to stab Zhu Peng. The sword Lingrui quickly pointed at Zhu Peng’s real body hidden in the puppet’s fake body with a powerful force.
“She found me in an instant. Was it what I just said that made her recognize my true identity? I was careless.” Seeing Su Yu coming with a sword but with her eyes closed, all the hairs on Zhu Peng’s body were covered in sweat. It exploded.
/Unlike ordinary people, Zhu Peng deeply understood Su Yu’s swordsmanship talent and formidable combat power. Her swords showed a sharpness due to years of practice and sacrifice, and what she wore around her waist was a sword. Although the flying sword, a magical weapon that was degenerated from a spiritual weapon, has degenerated due to the lack of spiritual energy in the surrounding environment, the quality and spirituality attached to it are still not comparable to that of ordinary magical swords.
/Chapter 052 Fighting
What’s more, Su Yu has been dependent on the old spiritual sword since childhood. They have never left her body for a moment. Under the influence of years of Qi, this magical sword has gradually been opened up by her to three levels of spirituality, power and lethality. Therefore, Far beyond ordinary swords.
Regardless of what others say, Zhu Peng has no intention of tit-for-tat. This sword struck like a heavenly sword wielding a sword, with a rising momentum. The fierceness and speed of the sword light were slightly beyond what a fourth-level Qi Refining monk should have, and it directly covered the vital points of Zhu Peng’s body.
Zhu Peng could roughly guess that this was already a Taoist technique that Su Yu had refined, but it was different from ordinary ones. Su Yu’s Taoist technique was more similar to the combination of magic and martial arts of the Zhu family and his son, in which a person wields the power of a sword. , the sword borrows the power of others.
The condensed Taoist magic focuses mainly on agility and speed, so it is astonishingly fast. If ordinary monks dare to do this, it will be meaningless, because the speed alone has no damage, and it can hit the opponent’s opponent. If the body-protecting essence can’t be broken