ce was fed back through the Earth Emperor Divine Seal and integrated into the depths of his Earth Emperor Dao Fruit, causing the divine light around the Earth Emperor Dao Fruit to surge and become powerful. increase.

The Qi around him is also climbing steadily, and there are nearly two thousand root Qi flowing deep in the Earth Emperor Dao Fruit.
The divine power around him is even more powerful, as if sweeping across the heaven and earth.
Facing the stubborn gaze, he nodded.
“In that case, let me leave it to you!”
The Emperor of Heaven, the Emperor of the Zhiwu Corpse, was cut out with the Emperor’s Seal, the top innate spiritual treasure, and he was the best among the three corpses in his transformational form. He had divine power that was close to that of a third-turn Taoist, and he also had an understanding of the rules of the great avenues of heaven and earth. Come to think of it, Surviving the fifth great destruction is not a problem!
Chapter 745: Skyrocketing, Three Dao Lords
The figure of the Emperor of Earth and Heaven was instantly enveloped by the magnificent will of destruction, and his true body disappeared into the void.
/Just relying on his connection with the three corpses, Zhang Jian could still vaguely sense the location of the Emperor of Earth and Heaven.
At this time, two more streams of light appeared around him.
A man was dressed in black gold imperial robes, with his thick long hair tied up high in a crown. He looked like the emperor of the underworld who was in charge of the Nine Netherworlds, with a majestic and majestic atmosphere flowing around him.
The other one is wearing a golden and red Sheji Emperor’s robe, and his whole body is magnificent and full of imperial aura.
Standing on the void, he is like an emperor who controls the boundless earth and the people of the country. He controls the universe, and the human and divine power surges, and he is unparalleled!
The good and evil body is based on Zhang Jian’s left and right sides, and the energy of the whole body faintly resonates with Zhang Jian.
Looking at this scene, the Lord of Nine Nethers smiled.
“My Lord, you really don’t think about it and directly use the method of killing three corpses to break through to the other side. If so, I am afraid that in a short period of time, you are expected to hit the sixth great catastrophe and become a third-level Taoist, and with our help , maybe we can’t use the wonderful method of killing three corpses to embark on the road to realizing the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty!”
Zhang Jian closed his eyes and said nothing, just distantly sensing the game between the Emperor of Earth and the Fifth Catastrophe of Destruction.
The Lord of Sheji shook his head when he saw this.
“Stop teasing me, I won’t listen to you!”
“Since I have decided to take the path of self-realization, I will not waver!”
The Lord of Sheji did not say a word.
If Zhang Jian’s idea is successful and the Earth Emperor’s roots are sharpened with the energy of three thousand roots, the Earth Emperor’s roots will