comprehended, Zhang Jian is completely confident that the three-turn root Tao method of mediating creation will reach a higher level, and even break through to the realm of Tao.

The true form of Emperor Guangsheng appeared on the side of the river mouth, with a strong look of shock deep in his eyes.
The dozens of Chaos Evil Eyes who were good at eye skills were slaughtered by Zhang Jian in a few breaths.
This scene is truly terrifying.
The spiritual sense and eye skills of these chaotic evil eyes are no small matter.
Once they notice anything strange, they will immediately change their forms, and can even form the true form of the Thousand-Eyed Demon God together.
But this time they didn’t have time to take advantage of their spiritual senses and eye skills, and they couldn’t even sense the Earth Emperor’s approach.
/Emperor Guang Sheng saw with his own eyes that the Emperor of Earth was approaching many evil eyes of chaos with his big thorn, and then he directly drew his sword and wiped out the life of many evil eyes of chaos.
Feeling the promotion of Xiantian Qinglian, Zhang Jian had a slight smile deep in his eyes.
Innate Qinglian has been promoted to the top innate spiritual treasure.
This is really a happy event.
And the most rare thing is that this innate green lotus has not bloomed yet.
If the bud deep in the core fully blooms, doesn’t it mean that the innate green lotus has a glimmer of hope to restore the mystery of the chaotic green lotus.
Of course, Zhang Jian also knows that the ‘chaos creatures’ that need to be consumed must be massive.
Even if the Goddess Ling Kong is bald, she may not be able to achieve it.
But for him, it is better to take a good look at the Lingkong Mother Goddess before talking about it.
As many evil eyes of chaos were smelted, Zhang Jian gradually dispersed from the Emperor’s Furnace.
At this time, several special pieces of chaotic divine materials emerged from the depths of his palm.
These were the remnants of the corpses of several Chaos Evil Eyes with outstanding Taoism. Feeling that there was something different about these Chaos Divine Materials, Zhang Jian kept them.
“It seems to be the Tear Demon Stone!”
Emperor Guangsheng’s sharp eyes saw those dark stones with strange gray lines, and he felt a little envious in his eyes.
The Tear Demon Stone is a kind of chaotic divine material. Only the powerful Evil Eye of Chaos that has been promoted to the Taoist level can crystallize its origin and give birth to this Tear Demon Stone by chance.
This tear magic stone is the supreme divine material for refining the fairy treasure with detection properties.
It can also be used to assist in the practice of celestial eye and divine eye techniques.
However, this group of chaotic evil eyes was completely solved by the Earth Emperor God, and he did not have the face to take advantage of them.
After flying forward, he just said.
“Fellow Earth Emperor, which direction should I go next?”
Both of them knew that after the Evil Eyes of Chaos disappeared, other chaotic cre