ok of inquiry in his eyes.

Zhang Jian’s expression did not change, but Emperor Dongyang on the side shook his head.
“Mo Shen Demon Lord is running away!”
Hearing this, all the Dao Lords looked up.
The seven demon gods roared angrily at this moment, and the majestic black jade-like corona behind them suddenly expanded, turning into a force that swallowed up the world, and suddenly engulfed Bai Ze Demon Saint.
Bai Ze Demon Saint did not dare to forcefully accept this terrifying magical mysterious method that far exceeded the upper limit. Countless white lights appeared around him, and rolled up the four demon saints Dafeng, Dark Peng, Xiuqi, and Xiu Snake who were doing it. The body has traveled hundreds of millions of miles.
However, he saw the black magic flame explode and sweep through. Under the corona of the black sun, the figure of Mo God continued to shrink. In an instant, he rolled up the entire magnificent demon realm, turned into a black dot and disappeared, but returned directly to the black abyss demon world.
On the battlefield, when the black-robed Demon Lord saw this scene, he also called on some powerful demons, each of them turned into a stream of demonic energy and fled straight away following the opened demon door outside the world.
Zhang Jian was not surprised when he saw this scene.
This is quite in line with the style of a powerful demon.
Leave if you can’t take advantage.
Anyway, in this battle, even if Demon Saint Bai Ze is defeated, Demon Lord Mo will probably be beaten by the powerful immortals deep in the True Realm of Eternal Life.
Even if it is a bit embarrassing to retreat at this time, there is not much loss.
As for the lost legion of demon gods from outside the world, at most it will cost a few hundred Yuanhui to cultivate it again!
/When the Nine Infant Demon Saint saw this, his face changed slightly.
Before she could vent her anger, a short voice came from her ears.
At this time, he also saw several terrifying powers emerging in the distance, approaching rapidly. He did not care about the attack at the moment, and his figure instantly escaped into the dimension of time and space and disappeared.
Almost instantly, Zhang Jian’s figure appeared.
He glanced at the direction in which the Nine Infant Demon Saint escaped, with a sneer in his eyes.
This shrew can run fast!
However, the other party’s insults to him on the battlefields of the two realms are not over!
In the True World of Immortality, after the demons outside the world retreated, the tense war atmosphere gradually eased.
Many immortals felt relieved.
Soon after, reinforcements from all major realms also arrived one after another.
The speed at which they arrived was actually not too slow.
As the landlords, the Immortal Palace and the Inspection Tianzun Palace should give them a warm reception.
Not long after, more powerful men from the Three Emperors Holy Court arrived in person.
However, after learning that the Immortal Divine Court had defeated the demons and thwarted the joint efforts of the tw