with gnarled muscles suddenly appeared.

He has the body of a snake and the tail of a snake, but his whole body is covered with azure blue dragon scales. His long ice-blue hair dances, exuding a mysterious ice-blue light. However, the light suddenly changes, and his long hair turns into terrifying dragons and snakes. As he danced, traces of the ice-blue divine seal appeared faintly in the depths of his eyebrows.
Holding an ice-blue halberd in his hand, the snake’s tail swung, and an ocean-like strange cold energy bloomed from his body, sealing the void for billions of miles.
/Above the void, an almost heavenly voice emerged faintly.
“It’s really sad. As the overlord of the ancient times, a strong member of the Innate Demon God clan fell into the power of the Chaos Evil God and became a servant of the Evil God. You have really disgraced the face of the ancestors of the twelve Innate Demon Gods, and even more so. The face of King Yuanshi!”
/Hearing this voice, He Zun, the tall Chaos Demon God, had a sinister look in his eyes.
“get out!”
He borrowed the seal with one hand, and the layers of violent ice-blue divine energy around him continued to expand and expand, like ice and snow falling from the sky in the depths of the endless river of chaos, trying to freeze the chaotic world.
Feeling this power, a faint voice came out again in the void.
“Today, I will deprive you of everything on behalf of the new God of Xuanming!”
But in the depths of the void, a strong golden divine light emerged from the void for a moment, and it only flashed slightly. The eyes of this powerful man who had been transformed into the Chaos Demon God were suddenly startled, and his head fell from his shoulders in an instant.
However, his vitality was not extinguished. An invisible roar emerged in the void. He raised the halberd in his hand and saw a purple-yellow dragon-shaped fairy light emerging from the depths of the void.
The purple-yellow dragon-shaped fairy light filled the air quickly, drowning him in an instant. No matter how he waved his halberd, it was still to no avail.
There is no way to break the furnace that has been formed.
The huge Earth Emperor Oven swallowed up this magnificent Chaos Demon God, which was nearly ten million feet tall. Under the green flames, the energy in the Earth Emperor Oven was quickly disappearing.
Above the void, Emperor Guangsheng looked at this scene with some changes in his face.
This scene is truly terrifying and terrifying.
The Chaos Demon God transformed by a strong member of the ancient Demon God clan is not weak.
The energy revealed is already at the level of the third-level Taoist Master.
Moreover, he seemed to have successfully returned his bloodline to his ancestors and cultivated the true form of the Xuanming Demon God.
With such divine power, even if he faced it, he might not be able to win.
But he didn’t expect that he would be killed by the Earth Emperor after just one encounter.
But I thought that the other party could kill even a terrifying existence like the Xingji Evil Go