nd ice crystal colors intertwined, looking through the air towards Zhang Jian.

Zhang Jian’s face changed slightly when he saw this scene.
This master of Black Pond is so cruel that he actually refined the dragon souls of hundreds of water-attribute true dragons into the staff, including many of the other side level true dragons.
It seems that it is not just the strong dragon clan.
There are also various innate beasts with water and ice attributes that Zhang Jian has never seen before.
“It seems that in ancient times, some of the innate beasts of the Scale Armor clan were poisoned by him!”
Zhang Jian’s expression remained unchanged, but with a wave of his hand, the Emperor’s Seal flew out of the air, instantly knocking the ice crystal dragon that was coming with its teeth and claws into the air.
The golden light circulated and violently bombarded Mohe several times, and his true body disappeared from the spot.
Zhang Jian noticed that the people on the Black Pond were very powerful and it would take some time to kill them.
But he doesn’t have so much time to spend with the other party.
Otherwise, by the time he kills the opponent, Shizu will have already died in battle!
/Above the void, Master Blackpool’s true form emerged. He raised his hand and took the Coiling Dragon Staff back into his hand. Looking at the bent Coiling Dragon Staff in his hand, there was a strong look of anger in the depths of his eyes.
Seeing Zhang Jian break through the Mohe blockade again, a gloomy look appeared in his eyes.
“God of the Earth Emperor, stay!”
A talisman appeared in his hand. This talisman was inspired from his hand and instantly turned into a magnificent divine light and rushed towards Zhang Jian’s direction, like a giant net covering the sky and the sun.
It was a talisman that the Tiandao Sect ancestor helped him refine, and it contained some of the mysteries of Tiandao.
It was only after he made great achievements that he asked the Tiandao Ancestor to help him achieve this treasure.
The huge snare seemed to attract the will of the great void of the heavens and pour it into it, sweeping towards Zhang Jian.
It seems that no matter where he hides, he can’t escape.
Zhang Jian sensed movement behind him, and at this moment he felt blocked by his huge spiritual will.
In his eyes, a huge net of Heaven’s Dao emerged behind him. Each node of the net of Heaven’s Dao shone with countless dense primitive ancestral Qi and mysterious Dao Qi. What was even more peculiar was that the network had countless layers. Life goes on and on.
Just looking at this network, a trace of indifference appeared in his eyes.
“I really don’t know what to say!”
When it comes to understanding the mysteries of the way of heaven, he is not inferior to anyone else, especially after he has studied the “Yuanshi Lucky Picture” and entered the Yuli Blessed Land to study the traces of the way to heaven.
The Kaihuang Golden Spirit Sword appeared in his hand, and the golden long sword spun rapidly in his hand. At this moment, the depths of his eyes s