the arrow stack.

After dealing with the gangsters on the periphery, Zhang Jian was not in a hurry to take action.
His extremely keen spiritual sense has been faintly aware of a strong cold spiritual energy flowing deep in the bandit village. This spiritual energy is very strong.
But unlike the orthodox immortal cultivators mentioned in “Nine Chapters of Tongshan Purity” who have mastered magic power, Zhang Jian felt somewhat more confident.
But as a cautious person, he did not choose to rush forward. When his thoughts came to him, he immediately blocked his own inspiration and hid it in the dark.
/But after a while, there were shouts of killing coming from under the city battlements. Zhang Kui led a group of people and horses and successfully rushed to the stronghold and opened the door of the stronghold.
“No, big brother, the officers and soldiers are rushing up the mountain!”
When Zhang Bao, the third master, rushed into the back mountain with blood on his face, the first master was leading a group of gangsters who were sweating profusely in digging the earth and moving away the rocks.
Hearing this, he was very surprised.
Next to him, the fortune teller in black on the rock opened his eyes, his face was gloomy, and he cursed.
“A bunch of trash, they can’t even defend a stronghold!”
There was some anger on his gloomy face. The person who informed him of the location of King Mian’s tomb had already mentioned it to him. There were other families who knew about this matter. The nearest one was the wealthy Zhang family in Fengxi County. He deliberately stayed there. These ruthless bandits may not be prepared to take precautions in advance.
I didn’t expect these notorious gangsters to be so useless.
Seeing that Song Heihu was still stunned, he immediately scolded:
“If you don’t meet the enemy quickly, do you still want me to be unable to help?”
At that moment, Song Heihu hurriedly called on dozens of bandits around him to pick up their weapons and rush to the village gate. A layer of black energy appeared around Zhang Kang, and he followed quietly.
He had already received news that there might be a strange person in the Zhang family. To be on the safe side, he planned to hide in the dark and wait for the right time before making a surprise attack on the other party.
At the same time, he stopped subconsciously, and habitually took out a tortoise shell from his sleeve to divine for himself.
I saw the copper coins falling and scattered in all directions.
/“Put your lot, it’s a bad omen!”
Seeing this scene, Zhang Kang’s face sank.
There was a flash of hesitation in his eyes, and for a moment the anger in his heart took over, and he was ready to follow up and take a look at the situation.
When he arrived at the gate of the village, he saw rounds of arrows raining down from the arrow stacks of the city wall. Most of the tough bandits, including Song Heihu, fell down after just one shot. If this continued, he would soon become A bachelor.
This made Zhang Kang frown.
These thieves can’t die like this.