ir of slender and huge palms, filled with infinite evil energy, which is frightening to look at.

Lu Bei ignored the phantom of the demon god and fixed his gaze on the surrounding Yin and Yang Pisces, secretly thinking something outrageous.
Just now, taking advantage of the Taifu’s momentary underestimation of the enemy, he was happy to raise blood and acquire a dual cultivation skill.
The skill couldn’t be used, but it helped him spy on the Taifu’s whereabouts.
/The Taifu is not glamorous on the surface, and people also practice dual cultivation. Unlike Lu, whose private life is chaotic, the Taifu divides himself into two, and he cultivates dual cultivation with himself.
That’s ridiculous. He has been cultivating immortals for a year and a half, and has a lot of experience. He has never seen anything before. This is the first time he has practiced this way of dual cultivation.
If you have any difficulties, don’t be embarrassed to speak up. We will help you find a solution. If it doesn’t work, Ningzhou Lu Bei steps forward and upholds the spirit of selfless dedication of self-sacrifice for others. Why bother to think about it and split his own soul in two.
“This gift is given by the elders, you must accept it no matter what.”
The Taifu wiped away the blood stains on his face. As he spoke, the Demon God waved his hands and marked the void with ten fingers, creating an independent boundary, leaving Lu Bei with no way to escape.
“Please baby, turn around!”
A glimmer of light suddenly appeared, heading straight for the devil’s two-faced face to break through the illusion, but returned in vain.
Lu Bei extended his hand to summon the full moon, manifesting a white sword, and the other hand abandoned the sword technique to smelt an iron sword. When the two were combined, the black sword was filled with white light, blocking the body in front of him.
No matter how you look at this situation, the emperor’s master is angry and shameless and is ready to take action.
Bah, the old woman has such a big heart, she actually has the nerve to be like a twenty-year-old boy.
The devil’s ten fingers solidified the void, cutting off Lu Bei’s connection with the outside world, and making Taifu’s body independent from the outside world. The next second, boundless demonic energy surged and rumbled into a realm.
The black mist is rolling, and the demonic thoughts can be vaguely seen, either angry or laughing, stacked thousands upon thousands, seemingly endless.
/“Although your talent is good, you shouldn’t have understood the way of Taiyin’s killing power, and you shouldn’t have suffered from demonic thoughts.”
The Taifu’s voice was cold and stern, and he said to himself: “Today I will help you become a demon, wash away the body of Taiyin, and save you the pain of practicing in the future. Your furnace and cauldron will belong to me. We owe nothing to each other, and I will save you from killing yourself.” disaster.”
“Although it is not uncommon to have a pure yin body, that woman is very close to me. How come her surname is Zh