: “Hongqu, but he used this sword to seduce you in every possible way, so you took him to the prison. Tell me, is that right?”

Zhan Hongqu felt embarrassed for a moment and nodded with a guilty conscience.
/At the same time, she was secretly glad that Zhan Lexian didn’t ask where Lu Bei got the Qing Qing Sword Song, otherwise she would have been punished again.
“You and I”
Zhan Lexian was heartbroken, and he gave the Questioning Sword Song to Lu Bei out of revenge, interrupting Lu Bei’s sword practice and letting him stay where he was for the rest of his life.
The plan was successful, and Lu Bei lived up to his expectations. He had outstanding qualifications and learned the Qing Qing Sword Intention. However, he never expected that he would also fall into the abyss along with Zhan Hongqu.
Those who harm others end up harming themselves, this is probably retribution!
Looking at the old father who was beating his chest and feet, Zhan Hongqu knew that he was in the wrong and habitually lowered his head and remained silent.
But she has no regrets. The nameless sword intention is vast and boundless, so it doesn’t matter if it stops for a lifetime. On the contrary, it is the elusive and immortal sword intention that is hopeless.
For thousands of years, Tianjian Sect has seen endless swordsmanship geniuses, but no one has integrated the complete Immortal Sword Intent. Zhan Hongqu did not dare to hope for the immortal sword intention, but honestly recognized the reality. He would be satisfied if he could understand the nameless sword intention in this life.
Moreover, Kenshin would not lie. Every corner of her body, except for the guilt she felt toward Bai Jin, was coveted by the nameless sword intent.
She was not wrong on this path. If she was given another chance to choose, she would decisively admit her mistake and never regret it.
In fact, Zhan Hongqu felt that if it were Zhan Lexian who had tasted the sweetness of Lu Bei, he would have put aside his years of obsession and switched to the nameless sword intention instead of continuing to pursue the unreachable immortal sword intention.
Of the two fathers and daughters, one is remorseful and the other is unrepentant.
Lu Bei comforted the aggrieved Daweitian. He didn’t look for it during this period. It wasn’t that he forgot about it. He was too busy and had no time.
What could Daweitian do? Faced with Lu Bei’s perfunctory treatment, he could only say pitifully that the task assigned by the master had been completed and he did not want to return to Zhan Lexian in the future.
That person is boring.
Lu Bei just pretended that he didn’t hear anything. The black sword was in his hand, and the immortal sword intent was pouring into him. When the sword edge suddenly burst into black light, he stepped across and unleashed the violent sword pillar.
The Immortal Sword Intent is unleashed, the mighty sky is moving towards it, and its power is fully unleashed.
The indescribable sharp black light was filled with boundless energy, like a torrent surging, a