Lu Bei and were being sold at a price, only waiting for Qi Yan to take the initiative to redeem them.

Lord Xinli and Lu Bei met only rarely, and each time they were beaten, they were put on shelves and sold to the Wu Zhou royal family. It was miserable and unbearable to look back on, but there was an indisputable fact that she survived every time she fell into Lu Bei’s hands.
By analogy, Ji Yue and the other three should also be like this, unable to die.
Lu Bei said calmly: “Wu Zhou cleaned up the remnants of Qinggan in the territory, and Qi Yan took advantage of it. There is nothing wrong with this. This is how it should be between countries. But they sent the old demon of Black Blood and a group of demons to Wu Zhou, and in Qing Qing With his connivance, he massacred unarmed civilians. Lu couldn’t bear to see those who bullied the weak, so he slaughtered all the demons and set a rule for himself.”
Mr. Xinli’s breath was stagnant: “What are the rules?”
“No one in Qi Yan’s Xiantian Mansion whom Lu encounters should be captured.”
Xinlijun was stunned for a moment. She was a smart person, so she understood the threat and immediately became angry.
She took a deep breath and looked at Lu Bei: “Do you really mean what you said? You won’t leave anyone alive?”
“As long as it’s dead.”
Lu Bei was resolute, Xinlijun’s face changed, and after a few moments, he left in a deep voice: “I will convey to Sect Master Lu straightforwardly that in the future when the two countries meet, things like Qi Yan’s Xiantian Mansion will not happen again.”
The red light disappeared for a moment without a trace.
Lu Bei waited for a moment, and She Zhang slowly walked over. The green mist dispersed from her feet, blocking a barrier and knocking down all the men in black who were dormant in the dark corner.
Sensing that Lu Bei was unhappy, She Zhang took the initiative to hold his hand. The golden-scaled snake lay on top of Lu Bei’s head, hissing and spitting out a message, as if it was saying something.
“You see, that woman and I really have nothing to do with each other. She was the one who seduced me all the time.” Lu Bei fell on She Zhang’s chest in aggrieved manner.
“Well, she’s mean.”
/She Zhang patted his head in his arms.
The dog man and woman hooked up and flew into the night sky, admiring the moon while moving in the direction of Han Jin.
In Hanjin Palace, Lu Bei sent She Zhang away and asked her to look around to see if there was a large swimming pool for two people to meditate. Then he dragged Zhu Heng away from the mad king Xin.
Stop nagging, the mission is over, and you didn’t hold anyone back at all, you missed one.
“What’s the situation? What does Qi Yan say, but the alliance has been formed?”
Lu Bei shook his head and said regretfully: “When my sect leader arrived, Lord Xinli had already arrived and was having a pleasant chat with Ji Yue from Qi Yan.”
“Ji Yue, he’s here too”
Zhu Heng secretly said that he was troublesome and he was also a ruthless character.
“There are also Qi Changqin