Emperor Danque appeared, he saw the Kaihuang Sword Qi waving in the distance, restraining the long azure river on Zhang Jian’s body. There was only a slight fluctuation in the depths of his beautiful eyes, and he suppressed it.

The arrival of the founder of Confucianism immediately attracted the attention of several holy emperors and emperors of heaven.
Then everyone saw the arrival of strong men from the three religions.
They are Taoist Xuandu, the leader of the Daluo Palace in Taiqing, Guangcheng Tianzun of Yuxu Dao Palace, and another Taoist nun holding a fly whisk appeared in Shangqing Dao Palace, with another female fairy beside her. Holding a green sword in his hand.
The golden light above this beautiful Taoist nun’s head appeared, and there were five colors inside. There were thousands of red lotuses at her feet, and her whole body was full of aura. However, there were faint traces of murderous intent between her eyebrows.
This is Shangqing Taoist Palace, and it is also the founder of Shenxiao Sect, Wudang Holy Mother.
In addition, there are also the arrival of some hidden ancient gods, including Zhen Yuanzi, the ancestor of the Wuzhuang Guandixian in Wanshou Mountain that Zhang Jian had seen before!
There is also the reclusive Goddess Queen Mother of the West in the West Kunlun Mountains.
In addition, there are the Golden Mother of Yaochi, the Qinghua Emperor of the East and other ancient gods of heaven, and the masters of the heavens and heavens.
Western Buddhism has also included some Buddhas from the Pure Land world, such as the Lantern Buddha, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, etc.
It can be said to be a gathering of gods.
There are also some ancient demons from the six demon realms on the periphery.
It’s just that these ancient demons didn’t dare to show up when they saw that there were too many immortals and gods in the field.
At this juncture, the gods did not pay attention to these tyrannical ancient demons!
Boom! !
At this time, above the sky, when the long azure river was refined to only one tenth left, the Chaos Demon God from the depths of the vortex of time and space finally arrived, and the vast divine light penetrated the vortex of time and space, heading towards the Taixu Heaven Realm. .
Chapter 856: The Magical Powers of Saints
/The two chaotic doors were completely opened, and a ray of azure divine light bloomed from the depths of the doors.
Boom! !
At this moment, the Heavenly Punishment Tribulation Thunder brewing in the Taixu Heaven Realm reached its peak in an instant.
The violent changes of Hongmeng blood thunder turned into beating purple thunder, which was a natural derivation of the original rules of the Great Way of the Heavens. It was called the Return to Ruins Termination Purple Thunder!
Purple danced wildly, faintly wrapping the descending azure divine light. She tried to destroy it, but she saw a slender and white palm protruding from it. Each of the slender fingers was as bright as jade, and the original fairy light seemed to come from her essence. It blossomed deep