there was another loud noise, bloody white light exploded, and shock waves swept across the universe. The strong wind passed by, the grass and trees were low, and the force spread all the way to the edge of the secret realm.

In the wanton hurricane, the blood shadow chases the golden light. Every time it pauses, there will be waves of air rolling and exploding, and then the space will collapse, erasing a part of the world.
At this time, Dugu’s body was swollen, and he had the blood of many monsters. He could barely be regarded as a human. However, the sword in his hand remained unchanged. As he swung it, the murderous intent was so strong that the scalps of the onlookers went numb.
Lu Bei was confused. Before he picked up a gift from nature, he didn’t want to expend too much energy, lest the clams and cranes would fight and take advantage of the fishing guy.
But Sword Fierce Dugu couldn’t suppress him at all. Every time Lu Bei strengthened his Immortal Sword Intent and severely injured him, he could always stand up. Even if his soul was torn apart, he didn’t care. There were several attacks that he was sure to win, but he was forced to do so. He survived.
/Like an immortal body, what doesn’t kill him will only make him stronger.
The two figures were fighting fiercely. Gradually, Lu Bei realized that he could no longer suppress Dugu with just his strength. The speed of the latter is also advancing rapidly in a very unreasonable way, like opening the limiter, soaring like there is no end.
“The secret realm is empty. There are no traces left over from the tribulation period. It’s not here.” Zhu Jingli put away the bronze mirror with an ugly expression.
“What do you mean by empty?” Xin Kuangjun asked in surprise.
“This secret realm is indeed a relic of Yiliang. It existed thousands of years ago, but”
King Xinxian said in a deep voice as he put away the Hidden Sky Map: “During the millennium, the secret realm has been opened several times, intermittently, ranging from ten years to three to five days. The most recent time was just half a month ago.”
After hearing this, King Yuanxuan immediately glared at Xin Kuangjun: “What’s going on? Didn’t you kid say that the information is foolproof?”
Xin Kuangjun was under great pressure and hurriedly explained: “There is no problem with the information. I have verified it many times, and people from Xuanlong and Wu Zhou have also found this place. There is no reason why everyone has found the wrong information. It is a coincidence.”
“It’s not a coincidence, but someone deliberately spread false information and tricked us into coming to this secret place,” Xinli Jun said slowly.
“How brave, you have deceived the Three Kingdoms once and for all. I want to see who the god is and what his plan is!” King Yuanxuan said coldly, and a strange-shaped short blade appeared out of thin air and swung down three times in a row. , directly breaking through the void of the secret realm and opening a transmission channel to the outside world.
/There are fake secret realms, but naturall