ower, the Supreme Jade Emperor, forgives sins, the Great Heaven, the Mysterious Vault, and the High God.”

Lu Bei puffed up his chest, feeling ashamed to say that he was the one mentioned in the long list.
Zhulong and the Sutra of Abandonment immediately cast contempt, no, they looked envious, the name was so long, it took half a day to recite it all, and it was very impressive as soon as I heard it.
“The imperial edict says: The paths between immortals and mortals are different, and the paths between gods and humans are divergent. All living beings in the three realms are still greedy and delusional. Anger is hard to eradicate. Evil and injustice are chasing each other, and retribution will never end. I have great compassion for you.”
“Now the God of Righteousness is in charge of various departments, and he is in charge of the heaven and earth, inspecting the good and evil in the world, and reporting on the merits of the three realms.”
Jiang Suxin was reciting the lines, but Zhulong and Qilijing were quite disdainful. The words were good words, but when they came from the mouth of the Emperor of Heaven, no matter how you heard them, you couldn’t respond.
You’re a guy who slept with your mother-in-law. You have the worst conduct in the three realms. How can you have the nerve to say it out loud?
Lu Bei is too embarrassed. The winner takes all. If you don’t accept it, you have to endure it.
As streaks of golden light fell, the people named on the list all received the status of gods, and the sounds of worshiping and receiving orders could be heard endlessly.
Lu Bei didn’t pay attention to these gods. He focused all his attention on the heavenly book. As expected, as the gods were assigned to each other, the aura of heaven became more and more powerful.
No one else noticed, but he, the Emperor of Heaven, could see it clearly. Now, asking him to tear up the Heavenly Book with his own hands would probably not be as easy as before.
The return of Heaven is getting faster and faster!
The Master of Ten Thousand Ways took a step forward, with a worried look on his face. Lu Bei knew what he wanted to say and shook his head slightly, indicating that everything was under control.
Half an hour later, the conferring of gods was completed.
The title of god will not end, it will continue forever. Jiang Suxin, the manager of the human resources department, still has a seat, so he himself has no godly status to speak of. He can just leave it to the human resources department to take care of the big data.
This is a fat guy, the kind who is extremely rich. Jiang Suxin knows that the elder brother who takes the lead takes care of her, which is a huge benefit, so she keeps a low profile without saying a word.
After the conferment of gods was completed, Jiang Suxin left, leaving four great emperors in Lu Bei to create another world.
/“Creation of the world?”
“The Emperor of Heaven wants to imitate the True Lord Huang Xuantan of the Central Palace, create a world independently, and reestablish the Book of Heaven as the Great