It was in this situation that Zhu Peng attacked Li Zhe, but before his sword could reach Li Zhe’s throat, the breath of powerful poison had already eroded his skin, bones and flesh. Facing Zhu Penghao’s swift and fierce sword light with electric light, Li Zhe just chuckled and waved his gloved right hand, turning the poisonous water left by the insect beast into waves and throwing it towards Zhu Peng.

It is undeniable that although Poison Technique has always been regarded as a heretic by orthodox practitioners, since it can be regarded as a “Tao”, it naturally has its terrifying and extraordinary qualities, and its unit killing effect is really fucking amazing. Zhu Peng swung his sword to cut the waves, and after looking around for a moment, he found that the poison Li Zhe had given seemed to be contagious. The flesh and bones of the insects and beasts within the range were simply destroyed and turned into black gray poisonous water. Those who rushed up from all around avoided those who retreated. Those who slashed with the sword, in short, all the life forms around Li Zhe died piece by piece in an instant, and even the digested black and gray poisonous water turned into new poison again, spreading to all sides. In the process, it became more ferocious and ruthless, melting more insect beasts into more poisonous water.
/“Use poison to resist poison, use poison to nourish poison, and use poison to control poison. Therefore, the more I resist the poison, the more poisonous it becomes. The more I nourish it, the more intense it becomes. The more I control it, the stronger it becomes. This is the poison power of my blood poison dragon son. How does it taste? ?” A faint word made Zhu Peng’s whole body feel like it was on fire. It was not because of anything else, but because the surroundings were filled with poisonous gas, and the poisonous waves were rolling. The black and gray venom had almost gathered into a flow, or even a large flow. With the power of a sea, Zhu Peng’s body-protecting true energy shield was already very difficult to resist the invasion of poisonous gas from all around. It seemed to be volatile, and Zhu Peng’s body almost emitted a faint smoke.
/After speaking, Li Zhe waved his hands forward, and a rapidly rotating wave of poison came to kill him. Zhu Peng was unwilling to take the killing move when the situation was unclear. His whole body was high, but he found that the surrounding area was almost covered by that killing move. The whistling poisonous flow turned into a highly poisonous ocean. Even the insect beasts, who were always fearless of death, seemed to be a little scared. In fact, one by one began to shrink back from the poisonous flow. Obviously, they did not want to be in a meaningless situation. Turned into a few drops of poisonous water.
“I’m kidding, this is too poisonous. A large amount of poison is derived from the flesh and blood of living beings. Doesn’t that mean that his sea of ??poisons can never be exhausted?” Seeing that the air around him was gradually becoming hazy with th